28 Tiny Maine Coon Kittens That Are Actually Giants In The Making

The Maine Coon is the largest breed of domestic cat. Yet, they are also described as gentle giants because of their sweet and affectionate personality. They can also adapt well to cold weather because of their big paws and long, thick fur coat.
The were named after the US state Maine, where this cat breed comes from, and the “Coon” part comes from Raccoon, since their fluffy tail resembles the tail of a raccoon.
These king-sized cats can grow up to 40-48 inches (1 m to 1,2 m) long and weigh up to 17 lbs (8 kg).
Not only do they have soft and luxurious fur, but their stance and posture is grand and glorious. Everything about Maine Coon cat breed is majestic. Which is why we love them! But here’s something that’ll make you fall in love with them more, these photos of baby Maine Coon cats. They’re just kittens, but if you think they’re going to stay tiny for long, you’re definitely wrong.

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