39 Naughtiest Cats Confessing Their Hilarious Crimes

If you are a cat owner, chances are you already know what kind of judgmental, cynical, selfish, awesome, majestic, clever creatures they are. They have so many contrasts in their personality, and that’s what probably makes them so fascinating to our eyes. In spite of the love we feel for our little furry friends, sometimes they seem to do everything they can to disappoint us, from running fast from room to room in the middle of the night, to randomly dropping objects from the counter, they never run out of ideas to drive us crazy.
Luckily for the human genre, some cat owners… ehm… servants, decided to turn the tables on them and to publicly shame them on social media. This is how the Instagram @cat_shaming page was born. They’re now the biggest page on Instagram that gives cat lovers the opportunity to tell people all the hilarious crimes their cats use to commit, day after day and night after night. If you live with a cat, we are sure you will find some of these so relatable.

1. Winter here. Mi humans yell my name when I sit here. I ignore them because I’m watching my show.

2. My name is Atticus. I was in the ICU for 2 days, but it turns out I was just constipated! My giant turd cost $2,536. My craps are more expensive than a small Louis Vuitton, I’m that fabulous.

3. Got a catnip toy for my Birthday. Things got a little crazy.

4. Hello I am Barnaby and I think that I am pretty cute. In the middle of the night I love to wake up my hoomans. When I am done I immediately go back to sleep and make sure that they are fully awake.

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