15 People Whose Day Was Anything but Boring

April 11, 1954, is the most boring day ever, according to a Cambridge computer scientist who used a search engine with a database with over 300 million facts. Don’t be judgmental, we know a couple of cool things happened, but there was no Google to check it. Well, a couple of decades have passed and life is anything but boring right now.

Bright Side wants to show you 15 people whose ordinary day turned into an absolutely wild adventure after a surprising discovery.

1. “This circle that appeared in the evening sky”

2. “My orange has 2 sides.”

3. “The sun reflecting off my side mirror melted a mirror-shaped hole in the frost on the window.”

4. “I have a ridiculously oversized clothespin I found years ago and now I’ve found its ridiculously micro-sized little brother.”

5. “Saw this mega strawberry.”

6. “This wheelchair ramp is made out of Legos.”

7. “This moss in the shape of a heart”

8. “Caught a yellow garden spider eating a lady bug at the perfect moment.”

8. “Caught a yellow garden spider eating a lady bug at the perfect moment.”

10. “There was a billiard ball inside of my bocce ball.”

11. “It was a great day till this moment.”

12. “Found a cauliflower growing straight out of a concrete curb in my street.”

13. “Found a tiny, seemingly ripe, orange.”

14. “My friend’s bruise resembles The Mona Lisa.”

15. “Found a rock in the shape of a skull on a Scottish Mountain.”

What was the most unusual thing you saw this week? Drop a comment.

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Paris Hilton Is Finally Revealing Her Daughter’s Face But People Are Pointing Out the Same Issue

Paris Hilton has delightfully introduced her 5-month-old daughter, London, to the world, bringing an end to the excited anticipation. While fans celebrated the mother of two, many couldn’t help but discuss a particular detail they observed.

The socialite shared adorable photos of London on her Instagram, introducing her with the caption, ’’Introducing London Marilyn Hilton-Reum. I’ve dreamed of having a daughter named London for as long as I can remember […]’’

Additionally, in the caption, she revealed that her experience as a mother has inspired her to release a song titled “FAME WON’T LOVE YOU,” featuring Sia, scheduled to be released just in time for Mother’s Day.

The snapshots captured Paris donning a pastel pink dress adorned with yellow flowers, radiating maternal bliss. In one frame, she cradled her daughter London, who sported an adorable pink headband.
Other photos showcased Paris with her son Phoenix, and with her husband Carter Reum.

A few days later, Paris shared a video of herself holding London, giving us a glimpse of the song “FAME WON’T LOVE YOU” that she had mentioned earlier.

But many people online also noticed that the star’s kids don’t seem very accustomed to her. One person remarked, ’’If you look at those pictures, all four of them look like they are meeting each other for the first time. Weird,’’ while another added, ’’they seem very detached and posed.’’ A third person wrote, ’’Looks incredibly awkward. Are the kids looking at the nanny?’’

We fully agree with fans that Paris has adorable kids who take after their mom. Just a few days ago, the socialite also stunned on the red carpet and showcased her beauty in a daring black dress. Check out her photos here.

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