4 real-life stories about parents who left their kids homeless & begged them for a favor years later

Most parents would give their entire world for the well-being of their children, but sadly, not every child gets to live in a loving home and experience affection, care, and love. Some are neglected and even abused by those who are supposed to provide for them and treat them as jewels.

Four people took to Reddit to tell their life stories and share how beside the injustice and the horrible treatment by their parents they still managed to stand on their feet and turn their lives around. As of their moms and dads, they got what they deserved at the end.

Read their stories below.

Father Needs Son’s Help after Bringing Him up in an Abusive Childhood

In 2019, an individual who identified as Asian turned to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share a narrative. Recounting his upbringing, the man revealed that his father’s treatment during his childhood was marked by being frequently kicked out of his home.


The family’s financial struggles led them to reside in a subpar townhouse in an unfavorable part of town. Following the common stereotype associated with Asian fathers, the narrator’s dad exhibited extreme strictness regarding academic performance.

If the original poster (OP) received a grade below 70, was tardy to class, or failed to adhere to a curfew, his father’s response was consistent: eviction from the house. Despite his pleas and appeals, he would find himself relegated outdoors with only a sleeping bag, regardless of the weather conditions — rain or snow.


This pattern continued until the age of 16 when a friend extended the courtesy of allowing OP to stay overnight. Each time he was expelled, he would eventually return, apologize, and be permitted to re-enter the home, with him revealing: “[My father] kicked me out at 18 and I didn’t come back home.”

Instead, he opted to stay with a friend and engaged in consistent employment to finance his education. From that day onward, he stopped communicating with his father. Finally, at the age of 29, he found marital bliss with a child on the way.

OP’s mother passed away at the time—a poignant event that brought about a series of unexpected encounters. Amid the atmosphere of mourning and reflection, his father made an appearance at his son’s home, bearing the weight of past grievances. It appeared to be an attempt at reconciliation for the turbulent upbringing that had marked OP’s formative years.


Despite initial perceptions of genuineness, a lingering skepticism arose because OP’s dad had faced his own share of hardships. The closure of his convenience store seven years prior and the deterioration of his pension painted a complex backdrop to the situation.

In a moment that demanded honesty and clarity, the Redditor took the initiative to question his father’s motives for his visit. With a tone of desperation, his dad admitted his intentions—he sought a place to stay. OP, perhaps burdened by a mix of emotions from the past and the present, retreated momentarily into the house.

Upon returning, a sleeping bag was flung unceremoniously onto the lawn—an act loaded with the history of past rejections and a symbol of his dad’s actions. An essential facet of the narrative was inadvertently omitted in the initial retelling. Over time, the father had sought to make amends through sporadic financial offerings sent via mail.

These modest sums, accumulating to around $1500, remained tucked away in the recesses of OP’s closet, which he intended to return at his mother’s funeral reception. Upon the passing of his mother, his wife and friends reacted to his decision.

Guy texts photo of girlfriend to his mom, doesn’t see ‘tiny’ detail on bed

Maison Vallance of Tennessee wanted to comply to his mom’s wish of sending her a photo of his girlfriend, Madison, wearing the blouse she bought her.

Madison was as happy to pose and Maison sent his mom the photo. But he found it so cute that he decided to share it on his social media too, not realizing there was a detail in the background that he would wanted not to expose to his followers.

“I took this picture to let my Momma know I found the shirt she got me, but Meghan is too pretty not to post it,” he wrote.

He was delighted with the photo he had taken until one of his female friends brought up the “detail” that made Maison regret not looking at the photo more carefully before sharing it with everyone online.

If you examine the photo more closely you’ll notice crimson ropes slung across the headboard behind Meghan’s head.

Well, the thought of his mother seeing those ropes in the background terrified Maison.

Once he realized his honest “mistake,” Maison decided to get the best out of the situation and joked about it by posting a fun tweet that brought a lot of laughter at his followers.

The good thing is that Maison’s family was quite humorous about the photo and the ropes that are very likely utilized for activities akin to those in 50 Shades of Grey.

These two truly make a lovely couple, don’t you agree?

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