5 Ways to Quickly Check If There’s a Hidden Camera in Your Dressing Room

Privacy is perceived differently across the world. For example, in Germany, very few offices have open doors, while in America, this is quite common. However, nobody would be okay with secretly being watched, especially during private activities.

We at Bright Side want to warn you: some retailers do place hidden cameras in their fitting rooms, but with these tips, you may be able to spot them.

1. Scan the room for suspicious objects.

The easiest way to find hidden cameras is to look around and check your surroundings carefully. An inch-by-inch search can help to spot rather “obvious” signs right away. Pay special attention to objects like wall decor, lamps, shelves, etc. Any suspicious wires, lenses, or lights could belong to a hidden camera.

2. Connect to Wi-Fi.

Surveillance cameras usually work on Wi-Fi, so you can find one by connecting to the network available in the room. Then you’ll need to use a special app to see what other devices are connected to the same network. Keep an eye out for devices that show a camera manufacturer name or list things like “IP camera.”

3. Use your phone’s flashlight.

Mirrors are one of the easiest places to hide a camera in a fitting room, so you should carefully check them. If there’s an opportunity to turn off the lights, try to do so and use the flashlight on your phone to peer through the mirror. Light shined against a mirror, allowing you to see beyond it, may reveal the presence of a hidden camera on the other side of it.

4. Stare into the mirror.

Fitting rooms are the perfect place to use 2-way mirrors because one of its sides will be brightly lit, and the other can be kept in the dark. So you need to put your eyes up against the glass, block out light with your hands, and you should be able to see through the mirror and detect if it’s actually a 2-way.

5. Touch the mirror.

When you touch a regular mirror, there’s always a small gap between your finger and its reflection. If you see it, you can be sure the mirror is real. However, if your fingers appear to be touching in the reflection, it’s probably a 2-way mirror and you’re being watched.

Have you ever seen a hidden camera in an inappropriate place? Tell us the story!

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Taylor Swift Seen Struggling to Perform, and Fans Are «So Worried»

The show must go on, and so it did for Taylor Swift, who was seen having a hard time trying to keep it together during a concert. Footage of the singer struggling ended up on social media, which gave rise to a wave of comments showing concern for her well-being.

In a TikTok video, the 34-year-old singer was seen heavily coughing and clearing her throat multiple times while trying to perform one of her hit songs at a show in Singapore. The clip was followed by a caption that read, «Hope she’s okay, she’s been coughing.»

Fans quickly found the video and began expressing their worry for Swift’s health, who has been on a world tour comprised of 152 shows across five continents. «I was there and so worried about Taylor,» one user wrote, while another pointed out that «she needs some rest.»

People speculated that she has probably been affected by «the drastic weather changes in different regions» while touring, and praised her for keep going nevertheless and not canceling any concerts. «I can only imagine how exhausting it must be whilst on tour giving it 100% with every performance. She is incredible!»

Perhaps to fans’ peace of mind, Swift has a crucial policy in place to prevent her from getting sick during The Eras Tour, which is considered the highest-grossing tour of all time since it surpassed $1 billion in revenue.

Amid her extensive tour in Australia, it was noted that fan meet-and-greets were no longer offered to minimize her chances of falling ill. «When Taylor is on tour, strict measures are put into place to stop her interacting with anyone outside of her ‘bubble’. They can not risk her getting sick under any circumstances,» a source explained in an interview. «Even those in her bubble, including her dancers and managers, are restricted what they can do and where they can go during their downtime.»

Media outlets report that if Swift were to cancel even a single show during her tour, it’s estimated that it would result in significant financial losses amounting to millions of dollars and cause disruptions to the remaining tour schedule. The stakes are high, so one can never be too careful!

All celebrities have fans that keep a close eye on them and support them unconditionally. However, every coin has two sides and fame often brings along critics as well. Julia Roberts experienced that darker side after receiving a negative mass reaction to her birthday post in honor of her husband. People couldn’t stop bring up an unknown woman in the comments. Find out more here.

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