9 People Who Were Too Unlucky to Have a Good Vacation

Sometimes when your suitcases have been packed, your passport is in your pocket and the plane tickets are in your hands, you get a gut feeling that something is going to go wrong on your vacation. You’ll end up trying to remember whether you switched off the iron back at home or are suffering after realizing you’ve forgotten your phone charger. All these bad moments can be amplified thanks to friends that post their perfect beach photos.

9. What happens when you fall asleep outside:

8. “Came to Greece for a relaxing holiday in the sun. It has rained for 5 days straight, and we are leaving tomorrow.”

7. “The hotel promised us a sea-view room. They actually weren’t lying.”


5. When one obstacle has passed, but it’s still too early to relax:


4. “How’s that for an ocean view on your beach vacation?”


2. “When you wake up for a sunrise at Niagara Falls but forgot to check the weather forecast…”


1. When you’re having your first romantic trip on gondolas, but the traffic is too heavy:


Has anything similar happened to you? Please tell us your stories in the comments and perhaps our next compilation will be about you!

What this old man observed on the pavement shocked him.

Pedro Bras shared the firefighters’ photo from Pedróg Grande, Portugal, on Facebook so that others might see it.

Everyone agrees that working as a fireman is a serious and important profession. The photo posted by fireman Pedro Bras made it very clear how seriously the firemen take their duties.

There is a tremendous need for firefighters in the region of Portugal that is battling a forest fire. 1,150 firemen are presently working around the clock to put out the fire and prevent it from spreading.

25 people have been hurt this year as a result of the fire, along with the damage of many regions. Two disastrous fires that struck Portugal in June and October of the previous year resulted in a total of 114 fatalities. This image depicted firemen who, although being worn out from their valiant efforts, continued to work in dangerous conditions. Pedro sent a photo of some of the firemen wanting to take a break and relax after spending many hours putting out a large fire in Pedróg Grande. “After working hard all day and all night, we decided to take a break and relax by the river for a quarter of an hour; at that time, we noticed that the air was thick with smoke.” According to Pedro, the firemen took a short break of 25 minutes to unwind by a river after working nonstop for 24 hours. He said that the firefighters had taken a break at this point. The shot vividly showed the smoke-filled environment. The temperature rose to an all-time high of around 116 degrees Fahrenheit on August 5. In addition to the 13 planes that dropped water on the fire, a number of additional firemen also consented to help fight the wildfire. AWM claims that 160 soldiers were called into action in order to help with the evacuation efforts.

The photograph gained over 9,000 user responses, 1,300 comments, and more than 5,900 shares before rapidly going viral. A large number of people voiced their surprise at the firemen’ efforts. Manja Knofel claimed that each and every fireman in the world is a hero in their own way. Another user from Paris named Sweetie Racch said they deserved “rest and praise” for the outstanding work they had completed. The firemen have done everything they can, according to Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa. A number of them have had fatal injuries. The police had been hoping that the event from the previous year wouldn’t happen again this year. Share this to your friends that FIREFIGHTERS are Awesome.!

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