A 23-Year-Old Woman Has 11 Babies Already and Wants to Have a Lot More

Imagine having not one but eleven babies asking for your attention at once. That is the life of Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old woman, and she couldn’t be any happier. In fact, she is so in love with children, she is planning to have an even larger family.

Bright Side interviewed the young mother to share a glimpse of her life with our audience. In the end, you’ll find a sweet video of all the kids.

Teenage baby momma

When Christina was 17 years old, she had her first child, Victoria. She was a single mother, but her life changed when she met her now-husband while on vacation. According to her, he fell in love with her at first sight and asked her to marry him and have lots of kids.

The secret to having the largest family ever

Most of Christina’s children were born at the same time and are of the same age! Since it is impossible, to have so many kids at once, she and her husband turned to surrogacy to build themselves a large family quickly. Even if she didn’t give birth to all of them, she’s still their biological momma. The couple wishes to have dozens more babies, but they have not planned an exact number yet.

It takes a village to take care of the babies.

Her 56-year-old millionaire partner is a super dad who makes sure that everyone’s needs are met in the family. To help Christina take care of the kids in the best way, they’ve got nannies and several assistants.

A regular day for Christina

Christina tells us that she and her husband have divided the responsibilities between themselves. He takes care of work and she looks after the children. They go on walks, play board games, and watch movies with the kids regularly. They’ve reserved weekends for quality family time and regardless of the day, they make sure to have their meals together.

Bonus: Watch how the gang gets together for photoshoots.


If you had the time and money, would you like to have a large family too?

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