A homeless woman gets a complete makeover and impresses the entire world.

Selflessness and kindness to strangers are not as uncommon as we might imagine. In every corner of the world, certain people go above and beyond to improve the lives of others. With the rise of social networks, joyful anecdotes continue to emerge, emphasizing the deep influence of generosity and compassion. One such amazing story occurred in Turkey, when an accidental encounter between an impoverished woman named Rita and a caring person, Shafag Novruz, turned into a lesson in humanity.

Shafag Novruz is a young professional stylist who specializes in cosmetics, styling, and bridal hairstyles. She ran into Rita, a destitute woman living on the streets. Shafag was struck by Rita’s neglected appearance and felt obligated to use her talents and resources to restore Rita’s exterior attractiveness as well as her feeling of dignity. Rita had no idea that this experience would result in a spectacular transformation that would permanently alter her life.

Rita had been facing the harsh reality of homelessness for years, accompanied only by memories of her late son. She lived on the streets, collecting bottles and bags to survive. Despite her desire to find work, Rita felt the weight of societal judgment based on her appearance. Shafag was inspired by Rita’s narrative and wanted to take up the job of changing her image to assist her reintegrate into society.

Shafag Novruz’s commitment to Rita’s transformation beyond expectations. The makeover began with a visit to the dentist, when Shafag personally paid for Rita’s teeth surgery to give her the smile she deserved. Manicures and pedicures were performed as part of the ensuing makeover. Hair care came after that. Rita’s short and damaged hair was straightened, blonded, and lengthened with hair extensions, giving her a vivid and feminine appearance.

The usage of cosmetic items, beauty treatments, waxing, fake eyelashes, and professional makeup applications performed miracles. Shafag congratulated the people behind the change in an Instagram post.The before-and-after photographs depict a nearly indistinguishable lady exuding confidence and attractiveness. Some could even think Rita looked years younger. Rita looked like a star in her magnificent black outfit, masking the truth that she was formerly destitute and battling to survive on the streets.

Even the comments on Shafag’s article acknowledged the force of this metamorphosis. One person commented on Rita’s gorgeous eyes, while others praised Shafag for her incredible work. The extraordinary development not only astounded internet users.

It had a significant impact on Rita’s self-esteem. She expressed gratitude, saying she felt more attractive and confident than she had ever been. Rita is now filled with fresh confidence and ready to face the world. She expects that her new appearance will lead to job chances, thanks to the great generosity of her benefactor, Shafag Novruz.

The Woman Took The Dying Dog In Her Arms, He Weighed Like A Feather And Could Not Move!

When they discovered an emaciated dog living next to a busy highway. He was so emaciated that his bones were visible through his skin, and almost all of his hair had fallen out from illness and starvation.

The poor dog was so weak that he couldn’t even move, let alone stand or walk. It was so heartbreaking. There was a small billboard where he was, which protected him from both heat and cold, but even there he could not stay for long without help

Despite this, rescuers will now do everything possible to give him a new chance at life. The woman picked up the dog and carried it to the car. She was so emotional to see the dog in such a state that she began to cry, realizing what he had to go through alone.

Rescuers then rushed him to a nearby veterinary clinic to see if the veterinarians could do anything to help him. They were completely stunned by his appearance.

They wasted no time. Veterinarians conducted a full examination and discovered he had scabies and parasites. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated, but they could fix it. The dog, named Lancris, was put on a strict diet to help him regain his weight.

During the day he had to eat a lot and in small portions. This will continue until he reaches a safe enough weight and then can begin eating several large meals a day. After the vets were assured that the dog would recover, they discharged Lancris from the clinic and he was now in the care of his amazing savior.

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