A Man Reveals Dramatic Results of Eye Plastic Surgery and Facial Fillers Removal, Leaving People Stunned

In a bold move challenging societal beauty standards, a man has revealed the striking outcomes of his decision to undergo eye plastic surgery and remove facial fillers. The transformative journey, documented on social media, has captivated audiences, leaving them awestruck by the dramatic changes.

He wanted to look ’plastic.’

David Kosir, embarked on a relentless pursuit of his ideal aesthetic through cosmetic surgery, gaining notoriety for his extravagant transformation journey. Kosir’s fascination with plastic enhancement began in 2019 with the innocuous use of fillers, gradually escalating into a full-blown obsession. His journey saw him traversing the globe in pursuit of his ideal look, with each procedure contributing to the evolution of his appearance.

May 2021 marked a significant milestone as he underwent his first permanent procedure. Kosir’s aspirations for a «human, male Barbie doll look, like Ken» underscored his admiration for the «plastic, fake» aesthetic, which he deemed the pinnacle of beauty. His story serves as a compelling testament to the lengths individuals will go to achieve their desired image.

David Kosir spent a lot of money in beauty procedures.

David Kosir spared no expense in his pursuit of aesthetic enhancements, admitting to investing a substantial sum in various beauty procedures. Kosir allocated $100,000 to plastic surgery endeavors, including acquiring 14 milliliters of lip filler for $7,500, undergoing monthly freckle laser removal sessions costing $1,200, receiving 10 milliliters of cheek filler for $7,000, etc.

Additionally, Kosir underwent a nose job for $13,000, invested $33,000 in teeth veneers and crowns. Kosir attributed his continued inspiration to the influx of images portraying beautifully enhanced individuals on his social media platforms.

Kosir decided to remove all his facial filler.

Last year, David Kosir, widely recognized as @plasticbotchedboy online, made headlines uploading a video with the caption «removed all my facial filler.» This video, showcasing a dramatic before-and-after transformation, quickly went viral, amassing a staggering 22 million views.

Viewers were astounded by the visible difference, flooding the comments section with praise for the change. Comments such as «The best thing he could have done», «Looks so much better without, looked funky before,» and «you instantly look younger, so much more youthful!» flooded in, highlighting the overwhelmingly positive response to Kosir’s decision to reverse his cosmetic enhancements.

He additionally underwent further procedures.

Following the removal of his fillers, David Kosir embarked on a comprehensive series of cosmetic procedures, including cat eyes, cheek lift, lip lift, and facial fat transfer, among others. The initial aftermath of these surgeries presented a dramatically altered appearance, prompting widespread speculation and concern among viewers.

A viral video capturing his swollen post-operative face fueled skepticism about the outcome. However, as time passed, Kosir revealed the stunning results of his transformation, showcasing his healed and refined features. The remarkable change received an outpouring of praise from admirers, with comments like, «You know what, I didn’t trust the process at first….but now that you’re healed, you look gorgeous» flooding in.

Talking about major plastic surgery changes to one’s face might conjure images of subtle tweaks, but the story behind «I Spent $1MILLION on Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Barbie Doll» takes transformation to an entirely new level. This captivating article explores the incredible transformation of a person who invested a staggering amount to resemble the iconic Barbie doll.

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A Man Who Was Called “The Tree Man” Was Able to Hold His Daughter Again After Many Surgeries

“The Tree Man” is a man whose life has been defined by a rare malformation in his hands. Once dubbed for his distinctive condition, he has undergone numerous surgeries, overcoming tremendous challenges on his journey. Now, with unwavering determination and the skilled hands of medical professionals, he has reclaimed a simple yet profound joy—holding his daughter once again.

Abul Bajandar has a rare condition called ’Tree Man’ Syndrome.

Abul Bajandar, a man hailing from Bangladesh, is afflicted with an extraordinary and rare condition known as ’Tree Man’ Syndrome. This hereditary condition, though non-contagious, is unfortunately incurable, and surgical interventions offer only temporary relief. Abul is not alone in his struggle, as there are others worldwide grappling with the challenges posed by this syndrome.

This syndrome manifests through the development of wart-like skin growths that bear a striking resemblance to tree bark. These growths, while initially small, have the potential to grow significantly in size, resulting in considerable disability for those affected.

He has it from a young age.

The onset of his condition began during adolescence, with small warts appearing on his body at the age of 13-14. Regrettably, as he advanced in age, the affliction rapidly escalated, affecting various parts of his body.

After 16 surgeries he was able to hold his daughter again.

After undergoing a series of 16 surgeries between 2016 and 2017 at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Abul Bajandar achieved a poignant milestone—he could once again hold his daughter. The surgical procedures aimed to remove the bark-like lesions from his hands and feet, offering a glimmer of hope in his battle against Tree Man Syndrome.

Bajandar shared the profound joy he experiences spending time with his daughters, emphasizing, “If I recover from this, I want to work again, to build a small business to help my daughters in her studies and to give them a good life.” These words reflect not only his determination to overcome the challenges posed by his rare condition but also his unwavering commitment to providing a better future for his family.

Throughout Abul Bajandar’s challenging journey with Tree Man Syndrome, he draws strength from the unwavering support of his wife and mother. In the face of the condition’s recurrence, their steadfast presence provides him with comfort and encouragement. Bajandar reflects on the transformative power of fatherhood, sharing, “When my daughter was born, she brought me the hope of life again. I didn’t want to leave her as an orphan. I felt like I must live for her.”

Abul Bajandar’s condition returned but he remains hopeful.

Despite facing the disheartening recurrence of his condition, Abul Bajandar maintains a resilient sense of hope. Doctors, initially uncertain about the possibility of the condition’s return, witnessed its reappearance. Undeterred, Bajandar expresses his unwavering optimism, declaring, “My only dream is to recover from this situation and live a healthy life.”

His poignant words reflect not only the personal challenges he endures but also a universal desire for health and well-being. Bajandar’s enduring hope shines through as he states, “All I can say is that I truly believe and hope that a cure exists for this disease.” In the face of adversity, his spirit remains unbroken, embodying the strength of individuals confronting rare and challenging medical conditions.

Another person born with a rare condition has defied societal norms and emerged as a symbol of extraordinary resilience. Meet the girl affectionately referred to as “Voldemort” due to being born without a nose.

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