A veteran unable to pay for his groceries turns around to hear a customer say “It’s our turn”

In life, we all encounter difficult times and challenging periods. During those moments, the love and support of those around us become essential in helping us get back on our feet. This is especially true for the brave souls who selflessly serve their country, asking for no reward in return.

Unfortunately, many veterans find themselves struggling upon returning from duty. In some cases, the benefits they receive may not be sufficient to sustain them, leaving them uncertain about their next steps as they transition back to civilian life.

Larry Robeson, a Vietnam veteran, knew these struggles all too well. Reports indicate that Larry, who could barely afford basic necessities, found himself in a difficult situation with no clear path forward.

Fate had other plans for Larry when he crossed paths with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad at a grocery store in Las Vegas. The Surprise Squad was there to cover people’s grocery bills, and they approached Larry when they noticed him in the store.

Despite his financial difficulties, Larry had taken his friend Stephanie, a disabled fellow veteran, to the store. Stephanie shared that she was buying food for herself and her dogs but was down to her last $50, unsure of what to do next.

Dave Hall, the reporter leading the Surprise Squad, offered to cover Stephanie’s groceries, bringing relief and gratitude to her. But Dave also noticed Larry standing quietly behind Stephanie.

It turned out that Larry, a friend of Stephanie’s husband, had established the Bones for Blankets club many years earlier. The club’s mission was to donate blankets to homeless veterans who found themselves on the streets after their service to their country.

Larry’s motivation for starting the club was heart-wrenching; he wanted to prevent more veterans from suffering the same fate as three comrades who had tragically frozen to death. The club’s actions aimed to ensure that no more veterans would face such dire circumstances.

Larry explained that Stephanie’s husband was often away as a truck driver, and he offered her companionship and support, especially considering the challenges she faced due to her disability.

Dave Hall, deeply moved by Larry’s story and his commitment to helping fellow veterans, was determined that Larry wouldn’t leave the store without the Surprise Squad team paying for his groceries.

Although Larry had only intended to purchase dish soap and candy, Dave insisted, “You served us. It’s our turn to serve you now.”

Larry was given the opportunity to go around the store and select whatever he needed. The total bill came to $278, and Larry wiped tears from his eyes as Dave and the team settled it.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected act of kindness, Larry shared, “This is just like overwhelming. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 13.”

Larry’s story serves as a poignant reminder that the support and care we provide to those who have sacrificed for their country can make a significant difference in their lives, especially during challenging times.


When Michael Douglas, then 54, caught sight of Catherine Zeta-Jones portraying Elena Montero in 1998’s “The Mask of Zorro,” he was instantly captivated.

In that same year, both Oscar-winning actors found themselves at the Deauville Film Festival, with Zeta-Jones promoting the film alongside Antonio Banderas, and Douglas attending for his movie, “A Perfect Murder.”

Following his instincts, Douglas had his publicist arrange a meeting.

However, things didn’t quite go as planned.

“I met her in the bar and was a complete gentleman,” shared the star of “Fatal Attraction” with People magazine. He recounted inviting her back to his room for a nightcap.

Later that evening, when the now 54-year-old star of “Ocean’s Twelve” joined him, he fumbled by saying, “You know, I’m going to be the father of your children.”

Douglas remembers her response: “You know I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’ve seen a lot about you, and I think it’s time that I say goodnight.”

Meanwhile, Zeta-Jones, whose breakout role was in “The Mask of Zorro,” believed the encounter with her future husband was purely work-related.

“I was going to a film festival. I thought Michael Douglas wanted to meet me for work because I knew he was a producer as well as an actor. I genuinely thought that because I was in work mode and I was going to a film festival, and that’s where film deals are made,” explained Zeta-Jones.

“So I never thought, ‘Oh my God, he wants to date me.’ And within hours of meeting me, he told me he wanted to father my children. So I presumed this was not for a job.”

But Douglas was undeterred. Knowing he would soon be filming “Entrapment” in Scotland, he arranged for roses to be delivered to her room upon her arrival.

In a 2019 interview with Access, Zeta-Jones joked, “You know what the worst thing is? He was right.”

Despite their initial hiccups, the couple, who share the same birthday with a 25-year age gap, have faced challenges. In 2013, they briefly separated, reportedly due to stress. However, they reconciled after a year apart.

In 2010, Douglas battled throat cancer, while Zeta-Jones grappled with bipolar disorder. But through it all, their love endured.

Recently, on their 23rd wedding anniversary, the couple, now grandparents, expressed their enduring love for each other. Sharing photos from their wedding and beyond, Zeta-Jones wrote, “Today we celebrate 23 years of marriage. Darling Michael, your Nobel Peace Prize awaits, I love you… from your darling wife, a gold star Medal of Honor recipient.”

Douglas also took to Instagram to share his sentiments, writing, “Happy 23 and Me, my darling @catherinezetajones. Can’t wait for 24! Happy Anniversary.”

“One netizen expresses, ‘I’ve always admired you both, which has fueled my love for all things classic… Happy Wedding Anniversary, my all-time favorite couple.’

Another shares, ‘The most charming and perfect couple!!! Congratulations!!’ While a third adds, ‘Remarkable! You’ve got to be one of the best couples in Hollywood for sure. I admire both of your work! Thank you for so many years of fantastic entertainment.’”

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