The house was built in the late twenties of the twentieth century for banker Dimitar Ivanov and his wife Nadezhda Stankovic. Inside, the accent falls on the red marble fireplace located in the reception hall. There is a podium for musicians as well as crystal glasses on the interior doors. Several bedrooms, beautiful terraces, a large study room and service rooms. Nothing of the furniture is preserved, but it is known that high-class Sofia citizens at that time preferred furniture from Central and Western Europe.

The exterior is a large front yard facing the street, separated from the sidewalk by a beautiful wrought iron fence. Triple staircase to the entrance of the house, but it is always very impressive that the special portals for carriages and carriages on both sides of the yard. Even today I imagine a cabin with the members of the invited family entering the yard of the house through one portal, the horseshoes and the carriage staying in the space behind the house, specially tailored for that while waiting for the reception to end and go out again from the yard, but through the other portal.


Banker Ivanov’s family lived happily in the house, at least until 1944. After the war the property was nationalized and originally housed the Romanian embassy. Later in the year, the house was a commercial representation of the USSR in Bulgaria, as well as the headquarters of the administration of various communist structures of unclear purpose.
In the 90’s the house was restituted and returned to the heir of the first owner-banker Dimitar Ivanov. Since 2004 the property is the property of the director of Lukoil-Valentin Zlatev, who has not yet shown any relation to this monument of culture. The beautiful house once ruined for decades and is now sadly sad.

Justin Bieber Shares Crying Photos and Fans Are Worried

From his meteoric rise to fame as a teenager to his more recent successes in music and personal growth, Justin Bieber’s journey has been closely followed by millions. However, it’s not just his chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts that keep fans invested in his story; it’s also his willingness to share his struggles and vulnerabilities, particularly through social media platforms.

In 2023, Bieber made headlines when he decided to end his Justice World Tour prematurely to prioritize his health. The reason behind this decision was his diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a condition that comes from the same virus as chickenpox.

Despite the disappointment of canceling tour dates, Bieber chose to be transparent with his fans about his health journey. Taking to Instagram, he shared a candid video, showcasing the temporary paralysis he experienced—a symptom of the condition. This openness not only provided insight into his challenges but also fostered a deeper connection with his audience.

Recently, Bieber once again turned to social media to share a glimpse into his emotional state. In a series of photos, the 30-year-old singer showcased various moments from his life, including moments on stage, and casual snapshots. However, it was the final two images that sparked a strong response from fans. In these selfies, Bieber can be seen with tears streaming down his face, his vulnerability laid bare for the world to see.

The outpouring of support from fans was immediate and heartfelt. Comments flooded in, expressing concern, empathy, and encouragement. Some reassured Bieber of their unwavering support, while others offered words of solace and prayers. Even Bieber’s partner, Hailey Bieber, joined in, affectionately remarking on his appearance as a “pretty crier.”

What makes Justin Bieber‘s openness on social media so impactful is its authenticity. In an era where carefully curated images often dominate feeds, Bieber’s willingness to share both the highs and lows of his life serves as a powerful reminder of our shared humanity. By showcasing his vulnerabilities, he not only invites empathy and understanding but also encourages others to embrace their own imperfections.

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