After a fatal accident, a devoted dog makes an expressive demonstration of affection and sorrow by trying to resuscitate his fallen partner

In a heart-wrenching video, a dog desperately attempts to revive its lifeless friend, who was tragically struck by a passing car.

The devastating footage captures the canine’s futile efforts as it paws at the motionless body of its companion, which lies at the roadside, while traffic rushes past, oblivious to the sorrowful scene unfolding.

Despite its relentless attempts, there is nothing the dog can do for its friend, whose life has already slipped away, leaving the surviving pup in a state of profound grief.

The video, seemingly recorded by a truck driver who may or may not have been involved in the accident, portrays the surviving dog as it mournfully tugs at its friend’s lifeless shoulder. The small, black mongrel, lacking a collar, lets out mournful barks, as if lamenting the cruel hand of fate that has befallen its companion.

This poignant moment challenges the notion that dogs are loyal only to those who provide them with sustenance. It adds to the vast collection of anecdotal evidence that suggests dogs possess a depth of emotion and connection that goes beyond mere tricks and treats.

The fate of this particular dog, who stood faithfully by its departed friend, remains unknown. The video serves as a poignant reminder of the profound bonds that can exist between these remarkable creatures, demonstrating that their capacity for love and companionship transcends the boundaries of human understanding.

In the comments section of the video, a viewer shared their own experience of how their pet dog responded when they pretended to be unresponsive. It’s a testament to the empathy and concern that dogs often display towards their human companions, further underscoring the deep emotional connections they can form.

Till these kind rescuers showed up, a stray puppy with his ear severed cried out for help.

With increased interest in animal welfare, groups and institutions are springing up all over the world to rescue and protect animals in distress. This heartwarming story is about a dog rescued from the streets by an Indian animal protection organization. The puppy was badly injured in one ear when it was discovered. His appearance, crying out in agony, breaks the rescuer’s heart. However, the puppy’s behavior changed dramatically after that.

A white dog was discovered on the streets of India one day. The rescuers quickly phoned Animal Aid, an Indian charity that saves and protects animals.

What sort of dog is requesting assistance… Rescue personnel that arrived on the spot were misled. When they noticed the puppy, they took a brief pause.

One ear of the puppy, who was whimpering and sitting on the road’s edge, hung down and was nearly ripped.

A puppy screaming in agony and dangling his bloodied ears. Because it hurt so much, he wailed and tossed his head from side to side. The rescuer approaches the puppy gently and quietly.

The dog, on the other hand, was terrified and in pain. She wept and retreated from Zurizuri and her rescuers.

Close inspection indicates that the hair is sticking to the surrounding dust, grass, and dust.

The rescuer provided food to the dog, but the puppy was in such much pain that he refused any food.

In the face of such a dog, rescue workers never give up. I wish to relieve this child’s pain. She might have other injuries.

He took his time approaching the puppy and wrapped a blanket around his body. The puppy was then wrapped in a blanket and transported to the Animal Aid center.

The puppy was promptly sedated upon arrival at the institution, and veterinarian care commenced.

His ears, which are only held together by a sliver of tissue, are medically removed and meticulously sutured. After the dramatic rescue play, the puppy was finally able to rest calmly.

“Banjo” was subsequently given to the dog. In his case, he has only two ears, which is a dog trait. He was also two weeks post-surgery.

Banjo has undergone a significant transformation!

Banjo’s presence two weeks later thrilled the audience. When Banjo was discovered, he was absolutely scared and shaking.

He is now going around and playing with other dogs and people.

The puppy’s mischievous side is also coming to life. Nobody who discovered him realized he was such a fun and attractive dog at the time.

Some people may ask if it’s okay for a dog to be deaf in one ear. In the case of Banjo, though, he seemed indifferent about losing one of his ears.

I hope Banjo, who has made a moving change, will continue to live happily.

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