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With all of the negativity in the worId today, it’s easy to forget that there are still good people out there who are doing kind things for one another. That’s why it’s so great that a story is going viral this week that is renewing our faith in humanity in a huge way!

Oscar Saxelby-Lee is a 5 year-old boy from Worcester, England who is fighting for his Iife after being diagnosed with a rare form of can-cer called T-cell acute lymphoblastic Ieukemia, which has put his life in danger.

The can-cer has given Oscar a variety of health problems, as it has caused immature white blood cells to flood his system.

Doctors have told Oscar’s parents that he only has three months to Iive unless he can find a stem cell donor. Luckily for Oscar, he had some very good people around him who were going to do whatever they could to save his life.

Laura Senter, Oscar’s teaching assistant, was devastated when she Iearned about his diagnosis. She went right to the school, where teachers ended up organizing a massive event in search for a stem cell donor for Oscar.

The organizers behind the event made a public announcement, calling on anyone between the ages of 17 and 55 to come and register as donors.


Recently, the actor Patrick Dempsey, who was once named the sexiest man alive and is now 57 years old, walked the red carpet with his wife and kids. They were all dressed up for the premiere of the movie Ferrari. Everyone looked really stylish, but one of Patrick’s 16-year-old twin sons, Darby, caught everyone’s attention.

What got people talking was how much Darby looks like his dad. Fans couldn’t believe the resemblance. One person said Darby looked like a clone of his dad. Another fan said he could be the next “McDreamy,” referring to a character his dad played on Grey’s Anatomy.

The truth is that good looks run in the Demspey family.

Patrick and his wife Jillian had their first child, a daughter named Talula, in 2002. Then a few years later, they welcomed twin boys, Darby and Sullivan, who are now 16 years old.

Patrick has talked about being a dad to three kids, saying that having a bigger family actually made things easier for him and his wife.

“In 2008, the Grey’s Anatomy actor said, “I love having a big family. I think it’s easier, oddly, in some ways, having three children as opposed to one. And it’s been great for my relationship with my wife and our life and everything.”

As his kids became teenagers, Patrick said things got tougher. Raising teens needs a lot of energy.

“They want their independence, which is normal,” he told People magazine in 2023. “They need to figure out how they fit into the world, make mistakes, and learn from them. As a parent, you need to be there for them through it all.”

After being a runner-up for years, Patrick was finally named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

“I’m glad it’s happening at this point in my life. It’s nice to have the recognition,” the actor said.

Asked how his children would react, McDreamy said they would probably tease him.

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