Beloved Sports Reporter’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Has Passed Away Following Valiant Battle With Leukemia

Hallie Kyed was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in April 2023, nine months ago, at the age of two. Sadly, Hallie lost her life on January 21 at the age of 2, as her father, Doug Kyed, an NFL reporter for the Boston Herald, revealed on Instagram.

Kyed claims that after his daughter experienced a relapse after receiving a bone marrow transplant, things took a turn for the worst. Her chemo had run its course.

Doug writes, “On Sunday morning, Hallie passed away peacefully in her sleep while Jen and I held her hands in bed.” “Without Hallie, we’re sad and totally lost. Never again will our lives be the same.

Doug went on to say that his young daughter “was a special kid.” Furthermore, “she made a positive impact on so many people she met,” even at the age of two.

Olivia was blessed to have the greatest baby sister, and we were fortunate to be her parents.

The family “spent special time at the hospital last week, but we held out hope for remission because of how brave, strong, and resilient Hallie had been through her entire nine-month battle with acute myeloid leukemia and all of its complications,” the reporter said, adding that they “knew the prognosis was poor when she relapsed after her bone marrow transplant.”

However, despite Hallie’s bravery and fortitude in the face of such adversity, “her aggressive form of leukemia had grown out of control by the time she started a trial treatment, and chemotherapy after transplant was ineffective.”

Doug gave Boston Children’s Hospital’s physicians high marks for their efforts because “they did everything they could to help Hallie, and she beat AML every day for over nine months straight.” After her successful transplant in October, or even when she was first diagnosed in April, nothing could have possibly prepared us for this moment.

Hallie would shout “DADDDDYYY” at him, requesting that he “take her on a walk around the hospital floor.” The bereaved father revealed that Hallie would also give him “sweet little pats on the back when I took her out of her crib.”

Hal, my koala baby, my tiny Hallie Bear, my Sour Patch Kid… was incredibly gorgeous, hilarious by nature (and knew it), and destined to be a dancing class star. The medical personnel, doctors, and nurses enjoyed guessing which princess attire she would be sporting that day (or at that certain hour).

Doug also hopes that those who are grieving for his daughter will learn one thing from her: “to know exactly what you want and to be persistent in asking for it, whether it’s going on a walk, riding in the car, or wearing one particular Disney dress (usually Cruella).” Despite the fact that “the world is a worse place without Hallie in it,” he hopes.

I will miss giving her a head kiss, petting her hair, and telling her how much I adore her. Hallie indefinitely.

On January 26, Hallie will be laid to rest. The Kyed family is in our thoughts and prayers during this especially trying time.

12 Things That Are Not Worth the Money We Spend on Them

With the help of colorful advertising, manufacturers manage to sell us absolutely useless things. We diligently search for these items on the supermarket shelves, spend a lot of money on them, recommend them to our friends and family, and then we are disappointed to find out that they are totally useless. Or that they work quite well, but are very overpriced.

Women’s antiperspirants

Ads that claim that the formulas of men’s and women’s antiperspirants are significantly different are, to put it mildly, misleading. In fact, companies use only different aromas in the manufacture of these products, but the chemical compounds that neutralize the smell of sweat in all antiperspirants are almost the same. It makes no sense to buy an antiperspirant that is designed specifically for women.

Dietary supplements

Many people take dietary supplements to boost their immune system and improve their health. But in fact, if a person has a healthy diet, they don’t need any additional supplements.

According to doctors, these supplements are not harmful, but their benefits are also questionable. These supplements can’t replace a healthy diet anyway.

Ionic air purifiers

© Ben Baligad / Flickr© CC BY 2.0 DEED

Ionic air purifiers that are not equipped with filters are not only ineffective, but can also be dangerous to your health. These devices are supposed to capture tiny particles with negatively charged ions, but in return they release small amounts of ozone that can be harmful to breathe in. It’s best to just buy an air purifier with replaceable filters.

Drain cleaners

Drain cleaners are designed to clear clogs, but they actually do more harm than good. The hydrochloric acid in these products can dissolve not only grease and dirt, but also the pipes themselves. In addition, it can ruin your enamel and other bathroom finishes.

And if a blockage is caused by a dense material that has accidentally fallen into the sewerage system, these cleaners will be totally useless. It’s best to get a plunger and a snake, which are more effective.

Screen cleaners for electronics

These cleaners work well, but they are also quite costly. According to experts, you can also use plain water to clean monitors and screens. A microfiber cloth soaked in it cleans surfaces as effectively as a special product.

Woven hampers and laundry baskets

© Michael Coghlan / Flickr© CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED© Emily May / Flickr© CC BY 2.0 DEED

These items look cute, but they are not very convenient to use. If you put too much laundry into the basket, it can become misshapen. In addition, laundry often clings to protruding branches and twigs, so a basket can also ruin your clothes. It’s more sensible to buy a hamper made of dense fabric that can be collapsed when it’s not in use.

Large containers of spices and condiments

Buying spices in large jars seems like a great idea if you want to save the family budget. But spices have a limited shelf life, and we rarely use them in large quantities. So, it’s likely they’ll degrade before you finish them. So, it’s best to buy spices in small containers.

Veggie puffs, rice crackers and other «healthy» chip substitutes

© Kate Hopkins / Flickr© CC BY 2.0 DEED

All these snacks seem to be a great alternative to chips because they are supposed to be healthy. In reality, however, these snacks contain various additives and oils. Plus, they’re usually high in calories and lack nutrients. It’s better to make carrot sticks or freeze grapes. Such snacks are cheaper and healthier.

Heat protective shampoos

© freepik / Freepik

According to some experts, buying shampoos and conditioners with heat protection is a waste of money. They won’t harm your hair, but there are few benefits either. It’s better to buy a heat protective spray, which really helps to protect your curls from the effects of high temperatures.

Buying a moisturizing shampoo can also be a pointless waste of money. The substances used in these products weigh down the strands, so that the hair becomes greasy faster. So, you end up having to wash your hair more often.

Sheet masks

© freepik / Freepik

Sheet masks have gained unprecedented popularity. Some women note that the skin really looks better after using them. But in fact, the effect of using masks is temporary, while they cost a lot. At the same time, masks have the same effect as moisturizers and lotions, so it’s financially unreasonable to spend a lot of money on them.


Excessive use of them not only doesn’t help, but in some cases can even harm your skin. Dermatologists claim that too frequent use of moisturizers can make it difficult to exfoliate dead skin cells, change your skin’s natural balance of water, and slow down the natural production of lipids and proteins. If your skin seems dry, you need to consume enough fluids.

In addition, there is no point of paying more for moisturizers that contain vitamins. Usually, the amount of these substances is too small to somehow affect the condition of the skin. But even if there are a lot of them in the composition, this is also not a plus — vitamins tend to quickly disintegrate under the influence of sunlight and oxygen.

Feminine hygiene products

The delicate parts of a woman’s body don’t need special cosmetic products. Moreover, gels with aromatic additives can break the natural barrier that protects the body from bacteria and infections, and can also cause irritation.

It’s optimal to use plain water for hygiene procedures. Or you can use soap for sensitive skin without any additives and fragrances.

And here is the list of useful items that can make your everyday life so much easier.

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