Birthday Blues: Celebrating Without Any Blessings

Hey, Happy Birthday! 🎁🎉 It’s totally understandable to feel let down if you don’t receive the birthday wishes you were hoping for. Maybe your friends are busy or simply forgot – but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re any less special or important. Your birthday is about celebrating YOU and how unique and amazing you are. So why not use this as an opportunity to treat yourself, do something you love, and just enjoy your special day however you want? At the end of the day, the most meaningful birthday wishes come from within, so I’m sending you my warmest and sincerest wishes.

This Photo Has a Creepy Secret—Can You Spot What’s Freaking People Out?

Family pictures are very common. Many moms and dads like to have official portraits of their families. So, they get everyone together, hire a professional photographer, and pose for the camera!

Usually, this is a very happy time with lots of smiles. However, one family picture is freaking out people on the internet because of one creepy detail.

Do you see it? It’s quite easy to miss, so we don’t blame you. Here’s a hint: check out the left side of the photo…

If you’ve found it, good for you! How strange is that?

For those who haven’t spotted it yet, look at the smaller child’s arm. Whose hand is resting on it?

People have come up with different theories about the mysterious hand, according to RelayHero.

The first theory is that the hand belongs to a ghost. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it definitely seems to make people think about the supernatural.

The second theory is more realistic. Some people think the hand is actually the mom’s, and that the older child in the middle was added into the photo with some clever computer editing.

Take another look and decide for yourself…

This is definitely creepy and weird either way. We wonder who this family is, and if they can provide some answers. Whose arm is that?

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