Breaking: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse Welcome First Baby, Share a Tender Photo

Robert Pattinson, known for his role in Twilight, and Suki Waterhouse have been in a steady relationship for over five years. Now, the couple is celebrating the arrival of their first child and has shared the baby’s first photo.

A special pregnancy announcement.

At the Corona Capital Festival in Mexico, Suki Waterhouse shared a personal surprise with her audience. Dressed in a radiant pink dress and feathered coat, she teased the crowd saying, «I’m extra sparkly today because I thought it might distract you from something else that’s going on.» With a dramatic gesture, she opened her coat, revealing her pregnancy to the excited fans.

The couple was seen on a walk with a baby stroller.

Suki Waterhouse, at the age of 32, has embraced motherhood. She’s recognized for her contributions to acting and music. Alongside her, Robert Pattinson, who is 37, was seen casually walking in Los Angeles, pushing a pink stroller. The couple’s relationship became public around July 2018 and by the year’s end, they were prepared to progress in their relationship. An insider has verified, «They are engaged. They both want to be married. It’s important for them.»

Suki shared the baby’s first photo.

On April 4, the actress and singer shared a glimpse of her newborn with the world. While the couple has kept the baby’s name and gender private, a photo shows the new mother lovingly looking at the camera, cradling her infant wrapped in a blanket adorned with hearts.

The caption for this tender snapshot read, «Welcome to the world angel ❤️.»

Another famous celeb who recently became a proud mama again is Gal Gadot. Read the full story here.

Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, sukiwaterhouse / Instagram

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