Chris Christie Loudly Booed Off The Stage – Watch It Here

During the fourth Republican primary debate, former New Jersey Governor Christ Christie used the event as an opportunity to attack former President Donald Trump.

However, the audience at the debate made it very apparent that they were not pIeased with Christie’s slights toward Trump as they ruthlessly booed him.

Christie opened his anti-Trump statement, cIaiming the former Republican president will be a convicted felon by the time the 2024 election occurs. While Trump faces several tense legal battles ahead of the election, he remains undeterred, promising voters that he will reclaim the White House from Joe Biden despite the litigation.

I want you all to kind of picture in your mind. So election day, you all be heading to the polls to vote. And that’s something that Donald Trump will not be able to do. Because he will be convicted of felonies before then. And his right to vote will be taken away, Christie said.

Following this claim, the audience loudly booed the former governor, forcing Christie to defend his statement. The primary candidate, who bareIy qualified for the latest debate, claimed the crowd was denying reality by continuing to support Trump.
Watch the booing here:

I Enlisted a Pretend Partner for Our Family Meal – It Became the Most Rewarding Choice of My Life

Family gatherings were the worst for Lara, especially since her sister, Emily, began to make fun of her love life, or lack thereof. Determined to sit through her father’s birthday dinner, Lara decides to hire a boyfriend for the night. Little did she know that a romantic comedy would play out.

I love my family, but family gatherings used to be a nightmare for me. Every single time we got together, my sister Emily would find some way or the other to poke fun at my single life.

Last Thanksgiving, she took it too far and even set a place at the table for my “imaginary boyfriend,” complete with a hand-drawn face on a napkin. Everyone around the table laughed while I forced a smile.

“It’s funny, Lara!” she would say whenever I brought up the incident.

It was anything but funny.

Now, my father’s birthday is coming up, and of course, it was to be celebrated with a family dinner.

“There’s no way I can sit through another one of those events with my family,” I told my friend, Kate, when we met for coffee.

“I’m telling you now, Emily probably has something up her sleeve already,” I grumbled.

“Then just hire someone out for the night!” Kate chuckled, adding sugar to her coffee.

“Hire a man?” I exclaimed.

“Yes! My sister did it through an agency. She didn’t want to go to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding by herself, so she found the agency. Look, it’s all above board and the guys do exactly what you need them to do.”

“It’s not… sleazy?” I asked, trying to think of a better word.

“No, Lara,” she giggled. “And you know my sister. She’s so prim and proper! She wouldn’t have gone ahead with it if she didn’t think that everything was legitimate.”

Which is how I ended up hiring a date to the family gathering. I found Jake through the same agency that Kate’s sister used. He was charming, easy to talk to, and seemed to understand exactly what I needed.

We met a few times before the dinner to get our story straight, because the last thing I wanted was Emily to get wind of something fishy.

“So, the story is that we met at a mutual friend’s party, hit it off over their dog, and have been dating for three months,” Jake said, grinning. “Sounds about right.”

“Look, any story involving myself and a dog are winners,” I replied, opening our Chinese takeout for dinner.

“And I’m an architect with a passion for cooking, right?” he confirmed.

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