Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2017 and has reportedly been aiming for an NFL comeback.

Jim Harbaugh’s hire for the Los Angeles Chargers couId mean big things for a certain former NFL star: Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick hasn’t played since 2017 and has reportedly been aiming for an NFL comeback.

Several teams have briefly shown some interest and he has worked out for teams before, but he hasn’t been signed or come cIose to it. The door seemed to be closing, but Harbaugh’s return could change that. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio highlighted that Kaepernick’s major milestones came under Harbaugh, who also voiced his support for the quarterback during his exile.

Florio also pointed out that Harbaugh considered hiring Kaepernick to work with quarterbacks at Minnesota when he was being considered for the head coaching job.

There’s no telling what Harbaugh plans to do. He’s onIy just been hired by LA, but the connection to the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is very real and could be his last shot at a return.

Men Look More Masculine When Wearing Makeup, a Study Reveals

Makeup is no longer associated with women only, and more and more men are embracing it. In fact, by accentuating facial features and hiding blemishes, makeup can actually make men look more masculine. And it’s not just for actors, as men of all ages and backgrounds are starting to see the benefits of wearing makeup.

It increases attractiveness in men.

© adamlambert / Instagram© adamlambert / Instagram

More and more men are starting to wear makeup, and a recent study aimed to find out if it can positively affect men’s appearance. A makeup artist applied subtle makeup on a group of men, the participants were then photographed, and the images were rated based on attractiveness. The results showed that the male faces were rated as more attractive when wearing makeup compared to when not wearing makeup.

It makes men look more masculine.

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While a beard can change any man’s face, making it more masculine, makeup can do the job almost as well. Researchers have found that makeup increases lower facial contrast, making a face look more masculine.

Makeup can enhance the facial structure.

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Any woman knows that masterfully applied makeup can change your look, but men can also benefit from concealers and facial powders. Makeup affects how we perceive men’s bone structure and makes male faces more attractive.

Bonus: Dwayne Johnson on wearing makeup

© therock / Instagram© therock / Instagram

Just like regular people, celebrities often wear makeup on set or during photoshoots. Dwayne Johnson, one of the most muscular actors in Hollywood, proudly shared on his Instagram account how his little daughters transformed him using makeup. “I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet, but if I look as cool as I feel right now, then I’m winning, baby,” the father-of-three wrote.

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