Costco Customers in Turmoil Over Retailer’s Controversial New Policy, Outcry Erupts

The big box retailer’s efforts to cut down on customers trying to shop with other peopIe’s membership cards is not being well-received.

Show me some ID, is a standard Iine in cop movies, but it doesn’t seem to be going over very well at Costco (COST) . The warehouse club has been cracking down on people who have been trying to shop with other people’s membership cards. Costco is increasing efforts to verify whether peopIe are actually members before letting them check out.

We don’t feel it’s right that non-members receive the same benefits and pricing as our members, the company said in a statement last month. Costco is able to keep our prices as Iow as possible because our membership fees help offset our operational expenses, making our membership fee and structure important to us.

Costco makes most of its profits from selling memberships, not from selling goods. So, if peopIe are getting around the membership requirement, they hit the company directly in the bottom line.

“I Can’t Move It,” the Real Reason Morgan Freeman Wore Only One Glove at the Oscars

When Morgan Freeman escorted Margot Robbie on stage at the 2023 Oscars, his left arm caught the attention of many. In fact, the 85-year-old actor wore an elbow-length satin black glove, which raised many concerns. And the reason behind it goes back to a heartbreaking event that transformed Freeman’s life 15 years ago.

Back in 2008, the Shawshank Redemption star was injured in a serious car accident that left him with a paralyzed left hand.

After the crash, Freeman had to undergo a 4-hour surgery in order to deal with his broken left shoulder, arm, and elbow.

A couple of years after the unfortunate event, the acclaimed actor opened up about his struggle, saying ’’I suffered nerve damage, and it hasn’t gotten better, I can’t move it.’’

He added, ’’If you don’t move your hand, it will swell up. Do you know you move your hand about a million times a day?’’

And even though doctors had reassured him that his hand would get better by 2011, this unfortunately didn’t happen to be the case.

Freeman ended up with permanent nerve damage and is still unable to wiggle his fingers.

And it seems that even 15 years later, the Oscar-winning actor is still dealing with the consequences of his accident, as we saw him wearing a glove during the ceremony.

According to experts, the compression glove works by lightly squeezing the veins in one’s hand to support blood circulation and can even help to manage tingling, pain, and swelling.

Preview photo credit PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/East News, PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/East News

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