Cruise and Kidman’s Adopted Children – This is How Their Entire Adult Child Looks Like

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This couple was considered one of the strongest and most beautiful ones in Hollywood. Yet, unfortunately, they didn’t have biological children. It was in 1992 that the actor adopted a girl.

Their adopted son was only 6 when the parents divorced. After their breakup, the trial decided that they both should take responsibilities of their children.

But Kidman was always busy acting and traveling and couldn’t take time for them. Here is Isabella now!

Kidman couldn’t keep her children away from the influence of her husband who at that time took great interest in scientology. She couldn’t do anything about that and had no choice but to give up.

It is worth mentioning that the man’s second marriage ended in divorce because of the same reason. Then, Nicole got married to a guitar player and gifted him with biological heirs.

The outstanding actress stopped communicating with her adopted children who have already grown up and have recently been captured for the first time in two years.

Jennifer Lopez ‘seemed off’ in pics taken days before rumored split from Ben Affleck

It seems that there’s trouble in paradise for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. At least, that’s what the internet has been saying for the past few days.

Sadly, multiple news outlets suggest that things may not be looking good for the power couple, affectionately referred to as ‘Bennifer’.

Rumors of a potential split have slowly been intensifying as new details come to light.

Last week, Ben Affleck was spotted driving in Brentwood, Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the actor was leaving a house where he had apparently been staying alone. The following day, paparazzi caught him again, leaving the same location.

Affleck, once more riding solo, was reportedly not seen at the $60 million Beverly Hills estate he shares with Jennifer Lopez the previous evening. This absence has led some fans to express their dismay over the potential breakup.

Credit: Bellocqimages / Bauer-Griffin / GC Images / Getty.

“Why are they breaking up?” a sad fan wrote on X.

Another fan expressed their shock at the breakup rumors, saying on Facebook: “Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!! This can’t be happening!!!!!”

Similarly, someone else simply commented: “That’s not true.”

However, others are less surprised by the rumors… One person even claimed they expected this outcome all along.

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they have secretly split. I knew from the moment they got married, it [would] not be till death do us part. This is her fourth marriage, how is it truthful on her vows?” an X user wrote.

Meanwhile, a hopeful fan chimed in with: “I hope things work out between them!”

Further complicating the couple’s relationship status is the fact that Affleck and Lopez have not been publicly photographed together for over a month. The last time they were seen together was on March 30, holding hands in New York City.

Credit: MEGA / GC Images / Getty.

Lopez stayed in New York in April and May to promote her upcoming Netflix movie, Atlas. She was also preparing for and attending the Met Gala as a co-chair, without Affleck.

While Lopez was occupied in New York, Affleck was on the West Coast reportedly filming The Accountant 2. He also attended Tom Brady’s comedy roast on May 5, without Lopez.

Commenting on Lopez’s demeanor during her big night at the Met Gala, one Facebook user wrote: “She looked super stressed and tired at the Met Gala. I figured it was […] her tour rehearsals and filming … Maybe it was this … I root for them.”

Jennifer Lopez at this year’s Met Gala. Credit: Marleen Moise / Getty.

“That’s what I was thinking,” replied one user. Another added: “Agree! She looked awful, stressed, and strained. Did not look herself at all.”

A third wrote that the actress “seemed off.”

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