Despite her husband’s repeated requests, this woman hasn’t had a haircut in 25 years

There comes a time in life when we feel the urge to change something about our appearance. Whether it is the dull hairstyle we’ve had for years or the clothes we got tired of, a little change is always refreshing.

A woman named Rosa Ramirez from the United States felt it was just a time for such a change after not having had a haircut in 25 years. Her hair grew so long that she sometimes stepped on it.

Over the years, her husband tried to convince her to change her hairstyle, but she refused to do that as she was very proud of her 1.5 meters long hair.

After 25 long years, she finally decided it was enough so she went to a hairdresser together with some of her friends and had her hair cut up to her shoulders. But she did that with a purpose. Rosa donated 4 feet of hair to the non-profit organization Locks of Love that makes wigs for children who lost their hair to cancer.

Rosa’s transformation is so worth watching. You can check it out in the video below.

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