Ellen DeGeneres PANICS Over Rumors She Attended Diddy’s FREAK 0FFs (video)..

The dialogue captures a conversation between Ellen DeGeneres and a friend discussing various topics, including surprise at allegations against P Diddy, invitations to parties, Ellen’s birthday party, and rumors about Ellen attending Diddy’s parties.

The conversation delves into personal anecdotes, such as Ellen being invited to Diddy’s parties and her friend teasing her about not showing up. Additionally, there’s mention of Diddy’s legal troubles and allegations of mistreatment toward his romantic partners. Throughout the conversation, there’s a mix of humor, gossip, and reflection on public personas.

She is too much afraid of diddy now. Because diddy have done alot of bad-things with many American celebrities and she is one of them.

After A Successful Surgery, This Black Lab Born With A Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate Can Finally Enjoy Playing In Water

After a successful surgery, this black lab born with a cleft lip and cleft palate can finally enjoy playing in water: If you’re a frequent lurker on Imgur, you’ll have meet the adorable face of Felix. Probably the most-loved dog on the social media platform, Felix sure has captured thousands of hearts with his delightfully charming face.

Born with a harelip and a birth defect, Felix has had his justifiable share of struggles. Fortunately, this January, he had surgery to repair his mouth and it had been successful! Now, Felix is as happy and healthy as the other good boy out there, and he even had his first splash in the river recently, which wouldn’t are possible a year ago! “I got Felix as an 11-day old puppy. I used to be the rescue worker who was called in by the breeder after they noticed that one among the puppies from their litter wasn’t thriving, and was, in fact, dying because he had a severe birth defect and harelip, and wasn’t ready to nurse off of his mother properly,” Jamie, Felix’s rescuer and then the owner shared with Bored Panda. “He had developed bronchopneumonia at now and wasn’t getting to live another 24 hours. I took him home with me and tube-fed him for subsequent 7 weeks. I treated his pneumonia also . he’s now a 14-month-old adult Black Lab!”

the explanation for a harelip and palate is unknown,” Jamie told Bored Panda. “It may be a birth defect found in animals and humans, and is assumed to flow from to improper nutrition within the mother, or exposure to chemicals during gestation.” Sadly, the hare lip and palate aren’t the sole medical conditions that this adorable boy has. But he doesn’t let catch on in the way of his happiness! “Felix also has some digestive issues because his colon formed on the precise opposite side of his body that it had been supposed to! Weird but it works. He only has one functioning eyeball, his jaws don’t match up, and therefore the right side of his face seems like a melted candle, but aside from that he’s ok I suppose,” Felix’s owner told us. “None of his teeth match up either, so he has got to mostly eat canned foods. Sometimes I give him hard food so he can desire “one of the gang” but it’s quite hard for him to scoop it up. Keeps him busy though.”

Image credits: thevaiobandit101

“Felix had corrective surgery on January 31st to correct his clefts,” Jamie, Felix’s owner shared with Bored Panda. “He features a unilateral birth defect that involved both hard and soft palates. His Doctor was ready to reconstruct the roof of his mouth using his own tissue, and even rebuilt his taste bud, because it was nonexistent. Ever since his surgery, probably thanks to his skull shifting, he suffers from a neurological tic now that causes him to spin and bark at the air occasionally. We try new medications to assist him out thereupon .”

Felix’s owner told Bored Panda that the bomber was unable to eat and drink normally before his surgery. “I had to use a specialized tool that I made to wash the food out of his cleft whenever he ate,” she explained. “He also had to be regularly sedated so it might be cleaned and flushed at the vet. Just one occasion there was a whole salmon skin up there (we sleep in Alaska), and once more there was a plastic dental floss stuck up in there. He was quite a multitude .”

Fortunately, for Felix, he lives during a big and loving family. “Felix has 4 siblings!” Jamie told Bored Panda. “I have another dog with a cleft (not as severe and didn’t require surgery). His name is Sammy and he’s an Australian Cattle Dog. I even have a miniature dachshund named PB who is 12 years old. I even have daughter, a terrier from Bethel Alaska. And eventually , there’s Meera, who seems like a 20-pound brindle whippet. they’re an odd bunch, and everyone from the rescue. I work for a veterinarian who does exclusively rescue work. He’s an excellent man. Felix gets along great with all of his brothers and sisters, also as his cat friend, and any and every one fosters that I bring home. I even have fostered overflow 400 dogs since 2013.”

Apparently, Felix is feeling happy and safe living with his loving owner and siblings. “Felix is that the happiest dog I’ve ever had,” Jamie shared. “He is blissfully unaware of his health problems, and he has more energy than he or I do know what to try to to with. i used to be ready to take him swimming for the primary time in his life this past weekend, and he did great. I hope to be ready to train him to be a “real retriever” this summer. If I might have tried to need him swimming before his surgery, he would have drowned in seconds.”

Image credits: thevaiobandit101

If there’s one thing that this happy and energetic goofball likes to do, it’s certainly playing! “Felix likes to play ball – he will roll in the hay allllll day if you’ll throw it,” his owner told Bored Panda. “He is in a position to eat and drink normally now, and he’s the strongest dog I’ve ever known. After his surgery, he had a feeding tube beginning of his neck and that i had to push liquid petfood through it for a couple of weeks. He never complained and stood so still while I did it. He couldn’t have anything in his mouth, which was difficult, because he likes to have something in his mouth in the least times! He has been a true trooper, and that i hope that the remainder of his life are going to be great!” Obviously, Felix is extremely loved in his house. There, he gets to play with other dogs, cats, and his favorite stuffed animals. In fact, he loves the stuffed toys such a lot , he recently ate two of them and had to possess surgery! So, this adorable lab is not any different from other good Labrador boys

“Seeing him like this after his surgeries is that the best reward. What a man ,” Felix’s owner gushes. “He may be a happy boy.” Jamie is quite glad that Felix is a part of her life. “I have had people say that I should have put him down, but I’m glad I didn’t,” she told Bored Panda. “He may be a great advocate for overcoming challenges, looking a touch bit different than your friends, and for having your pets spayed or neutered!” Make sure to see out the Imgur account where Felix’s owner posts his photos and videos! Promise, you won’t be disappointed but rather rewarded with daily heartwarming content!

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