Find Out If You Have Commitment Issues by Taking This Optical Illusion Test

Optical illusions have been a source of fascination for centuries, and now they are being used to reveal hidden aspects of our personalities. This very test has become a popular way to discover our strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we will explore how it works and how it can help you determine if you have commitment issues.

The interpretation of the optical illusion personality test can vary depending on what you see first. Here are some common interpretations.

What do you see?

  • If you see the cloud first, you may appear strong and resilient on the outside, but you are sensitive on the inside. This sensitivity makes you more vulnerable to heartbreak from the words and actions of others. You may find it difficult to commit to long-term relationships because of your fear of emotional pain. Mia Yilin, the creator of the video, further elaborated, stating, “You hate the idea of settling for someone and have very high standards when going into a relationship.
  • If you see the fish first, on the other hand, you may have a carpe diem mentality, understanding that life is short and precious. You are likely to seize opportunities and invest your energy wholeheartedly into things that interest you. Mia explained, “You have this mentality that since life is short, we might as well live life to the fullest.

So, did you see the Fish or the Cloud first? Take pleasure in these puzzles as enjoyable distractions, but always bear in mind that they lack any scientific or psychological significance. Enjoy yourself and keep a smile on your face!

Now that you’ve discovered whether commitment issues are present in your life, don’t miss out on our upcoming article about optical illusions that can wake you up better than the most delightful cup of Nespresso.

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Barbara Eden, a beloved Hollywood icon, defies age and embraces life

Incredibly beautiful Barbara Eden is 92 and we can all agree that she looks like she hasn’t aged a day. The I Dream of Jeannie star is as stunning as ever and we couldn’t help but share her recent photos of her with you.

Barbara Eden was born Barbara Jean Morehead on August 23, 1931. Her first public performance was singing in the church choir which later led to her being part of different bands. She studies both singing and acting and turned to be very successful in both.

Her natural beauty brought her the title Miss San Francisco in 1951.

Eden as Jeannie in a variation of the famous “Jeannie costume” seen only in the pilot episode.

Her TV career started with The Johnny Carson Show in 1955 and continued with a number of series and movies. In I Dream of Jeannie, which is her most remarkable role, she played a genie set free from her bottle. The series aired for five years.

For her last birthday, an official Barbara Eden Instagram account shared a photo of her which left fans stunned by how she looks at that age.

It said, “We wish our favorite blonde, Rider of the Wild Surf, Voyager to the Bottom of the Sea, nemesis of the Harper Valley PTA and of course, the eternal Lady in the Bottle a very happy Birthday today!”

In 1988, Barbara received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to television.

In her memoir Jeannie Out of the Bottle, which was released in 2011, she speaks of her childhood, her fame in her 20’s, as well as her marriages and the tragedy of losing her son.

This year, the actress turned 92 and says she feels age is just a number. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she says:“It’s like any other birthday, I’m just happy to be here.”

s_bukley /

Barbara is still working and doesn’t plan to retire any time soon. “I was working up until the shutdown point last March,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

She is happy she has been part of the showbiz. “I’m very happy that I lived during that time,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “I’m happy that I had my beginnings then, but things change. What a wonderful time now, more actors are working than ever before with all of the companies like Netflix and Amazon, all of these movies and TV shows they are producing.”

“I feel young!” Barbara told Page 6, adding that she considered herself lucky. “I feel sorry for people like my poor father who had to work every day at something he didn’t like. I enjoy my work. I still work.”

Until a few years back, she kept going to the gym, participating in spin classes, and lifting weights. Nowadays, she works with a trainer at her home.

“I have a lot of friends,” the TV legend added. “I’m pretty active socially.”

Eden recently attended a red carpet event in Beverly Hills and completely astounded everyone in attendance with her youthful looks.

She wore a navy blue satin shirt and matching black leggings, a matching set of black and silver jewelry, as well as high shoes with a pointed toe.

In 2021, she explained how she managed to keep her looks.

“I’m very careful about [my] diet,” she mentioned..

“I’m a carnivore… I like steak. We eat a lot of pork, chicken, steak [and] vegetables.”

We all have to agree that Barbara looks awesome.

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