Fortunate Rescue: Deaf Dog Stung Countless Times by Bees Receives Lifesaving Help

As if being stung by thousands of bees wasn’t already bad enough, he was abandoned at a shelter after the incident by his family.

The deaf Pit Bull, subsequently dubbed Stinger by rescuers, came at the shelter covered in life-threatening blisters all over his body.

As they couldn’t treat a dog in this bad of condition, they planned on euthanizing him.

That’s when Carri Shipaila, who operates LuvnPupz rescue in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, stepped in to help. As soon as she heardaout Stinger, she hopped in her car and drove nearly an hour to take him up from the shelter.

Regrettably, his family declined to take him, so she immediately began to work to save Stinger’s life. They treated his stings, as well as a subsequent skin infection and sarcoptic mange.

Unfortunately, he wound up having Pemphigus, an autoimmune illness, which he will suffer for the rest of his life.

Because of the costs of his care, he will never be up for adoption, but he did find a loving forever home with a foster and will continue to receive care and therapy from LuvnPupz.

Stinger has come such a long way from when he first was dumped at the shelter. His painful blisters have finally healed and he has a gorgeous white coat.

He is such a lively, loving dog and is enjoying his new life in a loving home!

‘This should never be the answer’: Man filmed abandoning dog on remote trail.

A dog has been rescued from a remote trail in Oklahoma after a man was caught on camera dumping the pet to fend for itself in the middle of nowhere.

The puppy, now named Rocket, was found by animal rescuers after nine hours alone on the trail according to a post on Facebook by the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.

Trail cameras showed a man abandoning the dog and driving away in his car, according to the post. Because the trail cameras were active rescuers were able to respond.

“This is absolutely not ok. Dumping a poor defenceless animal in the middle of nowhere and driving away is cruel,” the charity wrote.

Rescuers said that the pooch had been vetted, fed, and given a safe warm place to rest his head following the abandonment.

“While we understand that people may be struggling to care for their pets due to Covid, there are resources and organisations here to help, including us. Doing this to living, feeling being should never be the answer,” they said.

“Rocket was lucky,” they added. “If cameras weren’t rolling, who knows what fate would have befallen Rocket.”

“We will ensure he never suffers this fate again,” they said.

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