He Sat By The Road Missing His ‘Once-Shiny’ Coat And Needing Love

Many thought he should be put down, but he raised his head and smiled at his rescuer. As the dog fought to live on, his coat was slowly restored to its original, beautiful state.

The ugliest stray this rescuer had ever seen sat beside the road. While most people would suggest doing the “proper” thing and putting the dog down, this child revealed that he still had a lot of life in him.

He raised his head and smiled as he walked out of the transporter’s car!

The dog was determined to continue and proved it every step of the way. And as he improved, his actual look began to emerge.

At first, his fur was orange. Then there were white areas! Finally, Raleigh would find his ideal life companion, and it’s a sight to behold. Please be sure you watch this lovely video all the way through!

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Man Warns Others After Startling Light Bulb Discovery

House fires have always been one of my biggest fears. Although I’ve never experienced one personally, I constantly triple-check the stove, candles, and dryer vent for lint. However, a recent Facebook post by Kentucky resident Jason Whitaker revealed a fire hazard I never considered.

Jason shared that he kept smelling something like an electrical fire and almost tore his house apart trying to find the source. Eventually, he discovered that the smell was coming from a fluorescent spiral light bulb. Inside the bulb’s spiral coils were ladybugs, attracted to the light and heat, accumulating to a point where they nearly ignited.

“Inside the spiral coils of the light bulb was nothing but ladybugs,” Jason explained. His photos showed the potential danger, with the accumulation of ladybugs coming close to igniting due to the bulb’s heat.

If you use fluorescent spiral light bulbs in your light fixtures or lamps, be sure to check them regularly for critters trying to get warm inside. Jason’s experience highlights a simple check that could prevent a house fire.

“I found it important to share Jason’s post with you all,” he added, “as this is a potential fire hazard I would have never known about.”

Regular inspection of these light bulbs can help you avoid a dangerous situation and keep your home safe from unexpected fire hazards.

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