Heartbreaking! The dog was attacked by thousands of parasites, unable to eat or drink for many days.

Blossom, the dog, was discovered by an OrphanPet volunteer in Greece. She had been a stray for weeks, if not months, and had been wandering the streets. The poor puppy was in appalling condition.

Her tail had a chain wire lodged in it that had been there for a long time. Her tail grew enormously bloated as a result of the chain being so firmly wrapped around it.

She was also coated in thousands of ticks, which made matters worse. They performed a blood test and discovered that her blood was extremely thin as a result of the tick bites. She wouldn’t have lasted much longer if they hadn’t saved her. Blossom’s time was running short, and they realized they needed to act quickly to assist her.

They gave her a blood transfusion and ended up having to amputate her tail after bringing her in. They worked diligently and methodically to remove as many ticks as they could one by one, but it took them nearly a week to remove every single dead tick.

Her transformation is absolutely mind-blowing. She is now very healthy and has made new doggy friends along the way. And best of all? She was adopted!

She’s now settled into her forever home and relishing her second shot at life. She would not have lived if this volunteer hadn’t found her and brought her in. Thank heavens for OrphanPet’s kind rescuers!

In the video below, you can see her rescue. It’s simply incredible!


Emotional Reunion: Touching Moment as Mother Dog Tearfully Reunites with Her Lost Puppies, Melting Hearts Everywhere.

On the side of the road, 9 precious puppies were found, hungry and scared. A compassionate group of animal rescuers provided them with food and even set up a tent for shelter. As the puppies happily devoured their meals, tails wagging wildly, the rescuers faced a heartbreaking challenge – they were overcrowded and unable to take them in.

Amidst the wagging tails, one puppy, later named Chucky, caught their attention. He seemed unwell, so they rushed him to the vet. Chucky, with a sore intestine likely from street scavenging, received dedicated care until he recovered.

The rescuers shared the puppies’ story online, and a heartwarming twist unfolded. A family recognized the adorable faces and rushed to meet them. It turns out, a stray dog had given birth to the pups in their backyard, and they had lovingly cared for the mother and her little ones for a month and a half.

Tragically, an unhappy neighbor had separated the puppies from their mother, leaving her heartbroken. Now, as the family picked up each puppy, the mother dog’s cries turned into joyful whimpers. The reunion was magical, with the mother running straight to her lost ones.

After a few days of tender care, Chucky, now fully recovered, was joyfully reintroduced to his family. Witness the power of love and compassion as this tale unfolds, proving that even in the face of adversity, reunions filled with tears of joy are possible.

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