Finding a house that fits your criteria perfectly can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to compromise on a few aspects in order to find a home. However, there are certain things no one is willing to compromise on.

This is the story of a house that seems ordinary enough from the outside but when you peak a look inside… you understand why no one is will to buy it.

A home listed in the UK seemed to be perfect. The listed described it as a home with four bedrooms, a master suite, a garage and a perfectly manicured garden. The listing also included the fact that the home had been maintained to a “high standard” but it seemed like no one wanted to buy it. The reason for that was soon revealed when the pictures of the home’s interior came to light.

Everything inside the interior of the home was purple. The paint on all the walls was of course purple but it did not stop there. The floor was also purple, and the ceilings and the curtains were all purple as well.

The closet doors in the master suite also happened to be a garish purple color. While one might reason that the walls are easy enough to paint over, fixures such as closet doors can be a hassle to replace.

While the inside of the house is a parade of purple, the outside or the exterior of the house has remained unscathed by the color. The garden is also normal looking, not betraying what the inside of the home looks like. The home is listed for £400,000 which is approximately $500 thousand.

Unless the next owner of the property also adores the color purple, something must change.

Would you be willing to live in this house?

Bills Mafia rallied around Tyler Bass by donating more than $50,000 to a local cat shelter

Bills Mafia rallied around Tyler Bass by donating more than $50,000 to a local cat sheIter after the Buffalo Bills kicker deactivated his social media accounts.

Bass’s online presence disappeared after he missed a potential game-tying field goal in the team’s 27-24 Ioss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday.

Fans on X, formerly Twitter, noticed that Bass’ account, @tbass_xvi, was deactivated after the game. At the time of pubIication on Monday, the page said, “This account doesn’t exist.”

The kicker’s Instagram account with the same username also was deactivated. The page read, “Sorry, this page isn’t available. Both accounts were still down as of Tuesday afternoon.

Bills Mafia, the name of Buffalo’s diehard fanbase, started donating to local nonprofit Ten Lives Club to show support to Bass after he reportedly received online hate. A representative for Ten Lives Club told USA TODAY Sports via Instagram direct message that 646 people have donated for a totaI of $14,760 as of Monday night. By Tuesday morning, the tally was “definitely more than $50,000 and climbing.”

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