Katy Perry Flaunts New Lower Back «Tattoo» in a Risky Outfit, Sparks Criticism

Katy Perry has once again captured the spotlight with her unapologetic style. The pop icon, known for her daring fashion sense, arrived at an award event in a stunning getup that raised some eyebrows.

Katy Perry’s latest look was a showstopper with a bold black thong visible under a vibrant red skirt that laced up. She paired it with a corset top and towering black heels, radiating sheer confidence. Her sleek ponytail was the perfect match for her pearl necklace and earrings.

But it wasn’t just her clothes that made waves; Perry also showed off a new 3D skin color prosthetic tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back.

Katy’s bold look and the tattoo earned her praise from the fans but some also expressed their unhappiness. «I’m sad that children see this….» commented a person on Katy’s photo. «Sorry but this dress and butterfly tattoo or whatever it is is ew,» added another.

Another celebrity who made headlines for their risky outfit is Kristen Stewart who opted for a look without pants. Check out her photos here.

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Аngеlinа Jоliе’s lеаkеd еmаil tо Вrаd Рitt’s shоws thе rеаlity оf thеir mаrriаgе аnd divоrсе

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split, the world went silent. But as much as fans were devastated over the failed romance, they were as eager and as excited to see how the on-screen relationship between the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star and actress Angelina Jolie will proceed in real life.

Eventually, Brad and Angelina became a thing.

Sadly, the couple called it quits years later, when Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, shortly after the news of an alleged incident involving Pitt and the couple’s oldest son Maddox on the family’s private plane emerged.

Although no one knows what really happened, the alleged child abuse was investigated by the FBI and the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services, and Pitt was cleared of any child abuse allegations almost immediately, as per US Weekly.

The divorce and the lengthy custody battle between Pitt and Jolie is remembered as one of the nastiest ones in recent times when it comes to celebrity couples.


On January 21, 2021, Jolie emailed her ex-husband, and that email became public. In it, she states that she writes “with a heavy heart,” informing Pitt of her decision to sell Miraval, “a business that is centered around alcohol.” Many believe this is a reference to the above mentioned plane incident during which Pitt allegedly chocked Maddox and then poured alcohol on her and the children.

The Maleficent star further wrote, “Even now impossible to write this without crying.

“Above all, it is the place we brought the twins home to, and where we were married over a plaque in my mother’s memory. A place…where I thought I would grow old…. But it is also the place that marks the beginning of the end of our family.

“Miraval for me died September 2016,” she continued, “and everything I have seen in the years since has sadly confirmed that.”

In February 2021, Pitt agreed to pay Jolie $54.5 million to buy her stake in Miraval. However, the business deal was affected by their ongoing divorce proceedings.

She submitted sealed documents which involved information regarding the plane incident, after which Pitt asked Jolie to sign an NDA which prohibited her from “discussing outside of court any of Pitt’s personal conduct toward her or the family” for the sale of the property.

Jolie dubbed the request an “unconscionable gag order.”


But Pitt framed his request as vital toward the sale as he wanted to “ensure the seller doesn’t damage the value of the asset after being paid for it.”

On October 5, 2021, Jolie Nouvel, the holding company which controlled her portion of shаrеs for Miraval to Tenute del Mondo, the wine division of the Stoli group controlled by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler, for $67 million.

“It is not a coincidence that she sold her interest in Miraval to an adversarial party, and part of the family home to a stranger, right after a judge granted Brad a huge win: 50-50 custody,” a source close to Pitt shаrеd with ET Online. John Ouderkirk, the judge who had awarded Pitt joint custody was later removed from the case by a panel of three judges, and his ruling was vacated.

In February 2022, Pitt filed a lawsuit against his ex, her holding company, and the new owners of Miraval claiming that Jolie had “contributed nothing to Miraval’s success.” Stoli filed a cross-complaint “for the illegal and malicious actions of Pitt and his allies to injure Nouvel by devaluing its investments and depriving it of its proper role in the management of Chateau Miraval, the world-famous producer of rosé wine.”

Pitt filed an amended complaint seeking to have Jolie’s sale of Nouvel reversed on June 1, 2023.

“Brad has owned everything he’s responsible for from day one, but he’s not going to own anything he didn’t do,” Anne Kiley, who represents Pitt said.


Following the fuss surrounding their divorce, Pitt has moved on and is now dating someone else.

“Brad is very careful and intentional about who he dates. He likеs to ease into things and let things grow naturally,” a source said.

Rumors are that Pitt’s new girlfriend is Ines de Ramon, who was famously married to Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries fame. People close to the couple say they are “happy being low-key.”

“Brad and Ines are still seeing each other and having fun. They enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. They’re both creative, likе to travel, and are happy being low-key. Things are good between them, but Brad isn’t rushing anything,” the source clarified.

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As per Entertainment Tonight, the couple was spotted together in December 2022. “It is still new, but they are seeing where things go and likе each other,” a source revealed at the time. “They are having a good time together.”

They were vacationing in Mexico together.

Whether or not he introduced her to his children has not yet been revealed, but people close to him say she’s in the room when he speaks to his kids.

Ines was spotted wearing a charm necklace with the letter B hanging on and it’s not confirmed whether if it’s in honor of her new love.

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