Katy Perry has once again captured the spotlight with her unapologetic style.

The pop icon, known for her daring fashion sense, arrived at an award event in a stunning getup that raised some eyebrows.

Katy Perry’s latest look was a showstopper with a bold black thong visible under a vibrant red skirt that laced up. She paired it with a corset top and towering black heels, radiating sheer confidence. Her sleek ponytail was the perfect match for her pearl necklace and earrings.

But it wasn’t just her clothes that made waves; Perry also showed off a new 3D skin color prosthetic tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back.

Katy’s bold look and the tattoo earned her praise from the fans but some also expressed their unhappiness. «I’m sad that children see this….» commented a person on Katy’s photo. «Sorry but this dress and butterfly tattoo or whatever it is is ew,» added another.

Another celebrity who made headlines for their risky outfit is Kristen Stewart who opted for a look without pants. Check out her photos here.

Preview photo credit Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News, katyperry / Instagram

Tesla Driver Reveals Jaw-Dropping Electric Bill After 12 Months: Shocked Reactions Pour In

People can’t believe how much it cost him in electricity to run his Tesla for a whoIe year. It wouldn’t be silly to think that the costs of running a Tesla might be slightly extortionate when taking a look at how much the cars cost in the first place. And while electric cars are looking like the way forward, people might be put off by the rising eIectricity costs.People were left baffled on X, formerly known as Twitter, when a man shared his electric bill after a year of driving the car – and the figure was certainIy surprising.We all know that petrol and diesel are definitely not the cheapest ways to get around, but how much does it really cost to run one of Elon Musk’s motors? The man captioned the post: “First time I have had a bill within the last 12 months. “This sucks.”
He was writing sarcastically, of course, after seeing that his electricity bill was actually in single digits. After a year? You did read that right. The balance due was just $2.37 (£1.89)– rather than the hundreds of dollars you might assume it costs to charge your car regularly over a month.

But how on earth did it only cost so little?
Well, upon taking a closer look, it appears it’s still a pretty expensive process.The user’s cover photo displays a Tesla Powerwall, which is a huge battery that loops into your home’s power and is really handy to have if you have got solar panels.
It means that the solar panels which power your house, also store excess charge in your Powerwall, which charges your car. But these don’t come at a small cost, as you may have presumed. The Powerwalls start at around $11,500 (£9,000), but can range up to $15,000 (£11,800), according to Forbes.

If you plan to keep your Tesla for a number of years, which evens this figure out a bit, maybe there’s a case for it working out in the long-run to be borderline cost effective.
That’s if someone could hand us nine grand, please?
People joked in the comments about the Tesla owner’s sarcastic post, one said: “Damn my dude post a GoFundMe the community will rally around you I’m sure.”
Another said: “That’s horrible.
“My condolences.”
Tesla went viraI again this year after releasing their latest creation: the Cybertruck.

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