KJP Stunned, Watch The Hilarious Reaction

On Tuesday, Simon Ateba, a reporter from Africa, finally snapped and Iashed out at Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean Pierre.

What sparked his fire and fury was her repeatedly dodging questions relating to Biden’s document scandaI, particularly her misleading reporters as of late.

In fact, Simon was so furious that he toId KJP, to her face, in front of all the other reporters, that she is unfit for her job.

At the beginning, Simon questioned KJP on whether she could actually handle the position. He said, Karine, since you don’t have any answer on the cIassified documents, you don’t seem a good fit for this job. We do not seem to have any answer from you.

An exchange from the January 24th press conference shows why reporters are growing so frustrated with KJP. When asked about the Biden documents and the building scandal, she refused to give any answers, instead just trying to redirect the inquisitive reporter, FNC’s Peter Doocy.

Watch the video:

“He Has a Good Plastic Surgeon,” Mike Myers Leaves Fans Shocked in Rare Appearance

As he made his first public appearance since October 2022, Mike Myers left fans speechless with his transformation. The iconic Austin Powers actor bore little resemblance to his usual self, leaving everyone in awe. Take a look at the captivating photos from the evening.

The 60-year-old actor attended the 49th AFI Life Achievement Award Gala, which honored Nicole Kidman. He chose a classic black tuxedo paired with a black bow tie for his attire.

Myers unveiled a fresh buzz cut, proudly showcasing his natural grays. Additionally, he donned a neat, short gray beard, marking a significant departure from his signature longer, brown hair that defined much of his career.

Online, fans were surprised by the star’s dramatic transformation. One person commented, “It’s been ages since I’ve seen any pictures of Mike. He’s unrecognizable but looks good here. I like the buzz cut and gray hair.” Another simply remarked, “I didn’t recognize him.”

Some expressed suspicion that the Austin Powers actor might have undergone cosmetic procedures. One online user exclaimed, “He obviously has a good plastic surgeon,” while another stated, “So much plastic!”

Another star who has been subject to speculation regarding plastic surgery is Tom Cruise. The actor attended a charity gala in London earlier this year, but all discussions revolved around his unrecognizable appearance.

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