Malia Obama, 25, debuted a new moniker as she began her Hollywood career

Growing up in front of the eyes of the public isn’t something Malia Obama is not familiar with. Being the daughter of the former president of the United States, Barak Obama, she has spent her life under the limelight, and even today, the media is interested in her every move.

The 25-year-old just presented her directorial debut, The Heart, at the Sundance Film Festival. In the Sundance Institute’s “Meet the Artist” spotlight video, Malia Obama revealed she was going by the name Malia Ann, thus ditching her moniker.

Malia, who was born Malia Ann Obama on July 4, 1998, has her middle name honoring her paternal grandmother, who died from ovarian cancer at the age of 52 in 1995, and now, she has dropped her last name in favor of her middle name.

Speaking of the short film for which she served as both director and screenwriter, Malia said. “This is an odd little story, somewhat of fable, about a man grieving the death of his mother after she leaves him an unusual request in her will.” Further, in the YouTube clip of the short film, she wrote, “The film is about lost objects and lonely people and forgiveness and regret, but I also think it works hard to uncover where tenderness and closeness can exist in these things.”

The Heat isn’t her first attempt into the profession. Previously, the Harvard grad worked in the writers’ room on Donald’s Amazon Prime show Swarm, co-writing the fifth episode, “Girl, Bye.”

“She’s a very professional person,” Swarm‘s co-creator Janine Nabers said Malia in a January 2023 Vanity Fair interview. “She’s an incredible writer and artist. She made significant contributions… She’s very, truly committed to her craft.”

Swarm‘s executive producer Stephen Glover also spoke of Malia. “We can’t be easy on her just because she’s the [former] President’s daughter,” he told Vanity Fair. “No, she is really down-to-earth and cool. So it’s not an issue at all.”

Malia Obama isn’t the first celebrity who made the decision to ditch their family name. Other celebs have done that before, including Nicolas Cage, who changed his last name from Coppola, and Angelina Jolie, who dropped her surname, Voight.

For her directorial debut, Malia looked cozy, with minimal makeup, her curly hair down with small braids scattered throughout.

Megan Fox Candidly Reveals Every Single Plastic Surgery She’s Had Done, but One

Megan Fox is opening up about her experiences with plastic surgery. The 37-year-old Transformers actress recently appeared on a podcast, where she candidly talked about the procedures she has undergone and those she refuses to consider.

ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection / East News© meganfox / Instagram

Megan Fox is clarifying the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone and those she hasn’t, a move experts commend as setting a positive example.

«I’m just going to go through all the things that I’ve done, because I feel like there’s this stigma, and I’m not going to win,» Fox stated, acknowledging the scrutiny her body faces online from other women. «However, I’m hoping it sets some people free.»

Experts have emphasized the importance of transparency regarding celebrities’ cosmetic procedures. By openly discussing the alterations they’ve made to their bodies, celebrities can play a vital role in combating unrealistic beauty standards and promoting a healthier perspective on body image for their fans.

© meganfox / Instagram

Megan disclosed that she underwent her initial breast surgery at «21 or 22,» between the first and second Transformers films, opting for a conservative approach. She later mentioned having them «re-done» after finishing breastfeeding her children.

Recently, she underwent a third breast surgery to replace her implants due to rippling. Megan revealed that her latest implants are sized at 32D.

EAST NEWS, © meganfox / Instagram

Megan also clarified the cosmetic procedures she has not undergone, «I’ve never had a facelift of any kind.» She informed, «No mid-facelift, no lateral brow lift. Although I would like one…and no regular brow lift.»

She further mentioned her avoidance of thread lifts, stating she doesn’t believe in their efficacy and fears they might interfere if she opts for a facelift in the future.

Additionally, she disclosed never having buccal fat removed, asserting, «I’ll never have any fat removed… I will only ever put fat in, I will never take fat out—which leads me to, I’ve never had any liposuction or body contouring or anything like that.»

© meganfox / Instagram

Regarding her nose, Megan revealed that she had it done «in her early 20s,» despite being accused of having «six, seven, eight rhinoplasty surgeries».

While she has undergone several plastic surgeries, Megan admitted she doesn’t enjoy going under the knife, particularly due to the anesthesia.

«I don’t like surgery. My body does not react well to general anesthesia, and so when I go to have a surgery, it’s a very big deal… I’m very afraid of dying under general anesthesia. I don’t take surgery lightly. And therefore I have not had many of them,» she added.

A recent viral photo of Megan Fox has ignited controversy, with numerous comments focusing on her seemingly «unrecognizable» appearance. The image has sparked heated online debates, with some individuals expressing disbelief that it was actually her.

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