Man Spends $70K To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, Reveals What He Looked Like Before

Quest Gulliford, a TikTok sensation and cancer survivor with a large tattoo collection, is causing waves with his viral video that exposes his bold dyed eyeballs in addition to his full body tattooing. It’s an astounding exhibition of individualism.

Successfully overcoming Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Gulliford has spent an incredible $70,000 on tattoos since starting his adventure in 2009. In his most recent TikTok video, he describes going through an eyeball tattoo, an experience that needed a great deal of mental preparation. It takes viewers on a visceral journey.

Gulliford stated, “It was definitely high risk, high reward, especially since I’ve wanted it done for so long,” in reference to the procedure’s high stakes. and after three years, I’m still really pleased with it.

He has spent over $70,000 on his distinctive style of self-expression, of which $10,000 is devoted to the modification of his eyes alone.

Gulliford acknowledged, “It took me a long time actually on the day once I walked into the shop to even psych myself up to get it done,” when describing the mental toughness needed on the day of the eyeball tattoo in Houston, Texas. In this non-traditional process, which is more like an injection or alteration than a normal skin tattoo, a needle is inserted into each side of the eyeball.

Unexpectedly, Gulliford disclosed that he intends to see the same tattoo artist the following month to improve his eye ink, demonstrating his dedication to pushing the limits of personal expression.

Among the many tattoos that cover his body, Gulliford proudly sports one that represents his successful fight against cancer. Every tattoo he has, from his first, a cross with the words “God First” on his chest, to his moving purple cancer ribbon commemorating his battle with Hodgkins lymphoma in seventh grade, narrates a tale of perseverance.

Gulliford recalled his health struggle that culminated in his tattoos, saying, “I had a big lymph node growing.” I didn’t give it much thought. It was chemotherapy for around half a year. After that, I felt as though I had superhuman strength.

In a 2019 interview with Inked, Gulliford revealed that when he first started getting facial tattoos at the age of 18, his mother wasn’t happy about it. Even though she finally came around to smaller face tattoos, her qualms were aroused as ink spread onto a larger canvas, leading her to intervene at tattoo parlors to try and discourage artists from doing larger facial tattoos.

Quest Gulliford’s unabashedly honest path of self-expression, characterized by victory over hardship, never fails to enthrall audiences, demonstrating that sometimes the most amazing tales are etched on our flesh.

Rescuers Find Scared, Injured Pup Trying To Hide Himself From Humans In A Bag

In a heart-wrenching scene that unfolded in a bustling city, a cry for help echoed through the streets—a plea for mercy from a scared and injured puppy, hidden away in a desperate attempt to shield himself from the world.

The call came to Animal Aid, an organization dedicated to the welfare of animals in distress. With urgency in their hearts, they mobilized their team and set out to rescue the frightened pup from the shadows of fear.

As they approached the scene of the distress, they were met with a sight that pierced their souls—a small, trembling figure cowering beneath a bag, his eyes wide with terror and pain. It was clear that this pup had been through unimaginable suffering, his body bearing the scars of neglect and abuse.

With gentle hands and soothing words, the rescuers sought to coax the pup out from his hiding place, offering reassurance and comfort in the face of his fear. But the pup remained wary, his instincts telling him to retreat further into the darkness.

Undeterred by the challenge before them, the rescuers employed a clever tactic—they used crackers, a simple yet effective lure to entice the pup out into the open. Slowly but surely, the scent of the treats proved irresistible, and with cautious steps, the pup emerged from his hiding spot, his eyes wary but curious.

With a mixture of relief and determination, the rescuers gently scooped up the pup, cradling him in their arms as they whisked him away to safety. And as they arrived at Animal Aid’s facilities, they knew that the journey was far from over—the pup would need extensive medical care and rehabilitation to heal his wounds, both physical and emotional.

But despite the challenges ahead, there was hope in their hearts—for the pup, and for all the animals like him who had been cast aside and forgotten by society. With each passing day, the pup grew stronger and more confident, his spirit buoyed by the love and support of those around him.

And today, thanks to the tireless efforts of Animal Aid and the unwavering kindness of strangers, the once scared and injured pup is thriving—a testament to the resilience of the canine spirit and the power of compassion to transform lives.

So here’s to Jumper, the brave little pup who dared to hope in the face of adversity, and to all the animals who have found solace and sanctuary in the arms of those who care. May their stories inspire us to be kinder, more compassionate beings, and may we never turn a blind eye to those in need.

Watch the video below for more information.

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