My husband chose his mistress over me and our kids, so I taught him a lesson

Exposing your personal life on the social media for the sake of sharing a life lesson might be a difficult decision to make, but TikTok user @tattylomas did exactly that and spoke of how she handled her husband’s infidelity and how she reacted witnessing him ruining their marriage and their family and later regretting it.

She started her story explaining that she and her now ex-husband were high-school sweethearts. She knew he was the one the moment she laid eyes on him years ago. The two proceeded to marry and welcome three children together. But one day out of the blue he told her that there was someone else in his life and that he wanted a divorce.

The TikToker felt like her entire world collapsed. She couldn’t understand how he could wrack their family for a woman he only knew for three months. But he was determined to start his life over claiming he was in love with her and deserved to be happy.

She did all in her power to prevent him from leaving her and the children, but to no avail.

It was then that she decided to put her brave face on and be strong for her kids.

They proceeded with the divorce and she got to keep the house which meant the world to her because they bought it from her grandmother, but ended paying him a hefty payout.

Once everything was over, the TikToker could finally get over her heartbreak. But then, she got a text from her ex telling her he was sorry and he wanted to get back to her. For this woman, that wasn’t an option. After everything he did, she couldn’t possibly take him back, not ever.

In fact, she learned that the woman her husband left her for was a horrible person who crashed his car while driving drunk.

Some time later, the TikToker met someone knew through her sister who was also divorced. She and this new man didn’t plan on getting married, but they got involved in a meaningful relationship.

The woman continued to express how delighted she was to watch her ex-husband suffer the consequences of his actions. “Call me evil or whatever, but he brought all of this on himself,” she added.

At the end of the video, she addressed her husband directly, saying, “So if you are watching this, enjoy your shabby one-bedroom apartment and her broken-down car. Oh, and my new partner and I will think of you on our vacation in Hawaii. I know Hawaii was the place you always wanted to go. Maybe I will send you a postcard.”

SERVES HIM RIGHT!!!” someone commented. “YES GURL U GOOOO,”another added.


She said she didn’t want to indulge in any hard revenge antics because watching her ex regret his actions was enough revenge for her.

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«Looks 65,» Selena Gomez Flaunts Her Figure in a Fitted Dress, Sparks Controversy

Selena Gomez is no stranger to the spotlight, but her latest appearance at an award show has sparked a lot of debate online. The singer wore a glamorous white gown, but not everyone was impressed by her choice. Some praised her for her stunning beauty, while others criticized her for looking too old.

A look inspired by Italian stars.

Selena Gomez ditched her usual sleek bun for a glamorous hairstyle that made her look like an Italian movie star. She wore a custom-made white Versace dress that sparkled with sequins and hugged her curves. Her hair was shiny and dark, with a deep side part and a bit of volume at the top. She let her long hair flow down her back, with some shorter pieces framing her face.

She matched her dress with a soft nude lip that enhanced her natural beauty. Her eyes were smoky and dramatic, with long lashes and a hint of shimmer. She also had red nails that added a pop of color to her look. She proved that you don’t need a tight bun to look classy, but you can also rock a loose and luxurious hairstyle.

Her dress got mixed reactions from people.

Selena Gomez’s dress was a white strappy gown with an empire waist and a long train. It showed off her glowing skin and her stunning figure. She was one of the highlights of the SAG Awards 2024, which took place on February 24, 2024, at the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles. She was there to promote her show Only Murders in the Building, which was nominated for several awards. Some fans compared her look to Marilyn Monroe.

However, not everyone was a fan of her look. Some people online were not impressed by her choice of dress and her appearance. They said she looked too old, or too boring. One Instagram user even said she looked 65.

This was not the first time Selena Gomez faced negative comments about her looks. Another dress choice of hers causes quite a stir on the internet.

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