My Pink Hair Was Banned at Work, So I Started Showing Up With “Terrible Wigs”

Following a job offer, a 29-year-old woman faced a huge dilemma. She was given an ultimatum: conceal her pink hair or seek employment elsewhere. Embracing the challenge, she devised a clever solution to the restriction, sparking widespread attention online.

Emily Benschoter turned to TikTok to share her journey at her new workplace, but with the twist that she can never show her pink hair while she’s on duty. She only found out the fact after she had already been interviewed and offered the position, a front-of-house role in the hospitality industry, because there was no prior contact with her employers in person or over video chat during the hiring process.

Her manager then suggested she wear a wig and that’s when she decided to pick the funniest ones she could find. Her first TikTok video with the first wig went up on July 19, 2023, and it read: «When you have pink hair, but corporate does not approve, so you wear terrible wigs.»

Since then, people have become invested in her wig choices and her clips have been viewed millions of times. «The worse the wig, the better,» she admitted in an interview. «It is a way to open up the conversation with the customers who think it is insane that I have to cover my pink hair.»

In the same interview, Benschoter also took time to explain why she didn’t just simply dye her hair instead. «Dying my hair for a job I work at for 40 hours per week wasn’t an option,» she revealed. «I am a self-expressive person and I feel very confident with pink hair, so I came up with a solution to keep the job and my hair.»

Despite her having fun with the situation, she doesn’t approve of it. «It’s dehumanizing that I can’t be accepted at face value because my hair is a non-traditional color,» she said. «It’s so superficial that my hair color is an obstacle.»

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time someone goes viral on social media because of hair trouble. A different woman also went viral on TikTok after a visit to the hairdresser went wrong. She ended up leaving the salon with a disastrous blowout and the before-and-after photos prompted a massive reaction from folks online. See the photos here.

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Fans worried Miley Cyrus in “in danger” after spotting bodyguard’s hidden move at Grammy Awards

It was a big night for singer Miley Cyrus last night as she took home her first ever Grammy Award.

However, this morning it wasn’t just Miley’s success that was being talked about online, but also the worrying idea that she may have been in danger.

Why? Well, some eagle-eyed speculators online have suggested that they saw “odd behavior” from her bodyguard which might imply that he was anticipating a threat of some kind.

Now, we feel it necessary at this point to make it clear that there is no evidence that Cyrus was in any danger, beyond what people are claiming to have seen in a video doing the rounds online.

Nevertheless, said clip has garnered so much attention that it just won’t do to ignore it. So, here goes.

The video in question comes from the red carpet at the 2024 Grammy Awards, which took place last night (February 4) and saw a number of musicians – like, a lot of them – win awards for their work over the past year.

The evening saw Taylor Swift win her fourth Album of the Year award, and featured a surprise appearance from Celine Dion as a presenter. Miley Cyrus also won her first ever Grammy, but it’s arguably a video trending on X that has become the most talked about point of the night where the 31-year-old is concerned.

As mentioned, footage of Cyrus on the event’s red carpet has gone viral. The clip, which shows the Wrecking Ball singer walking beside her bodyguard, who is carrying an umbrella, is only eight seconds long, but has already wracked up a mind-boggling 32 million views.

At first glance there isn’t much of anything to spot in the video – anything out of the ordinary, in any case – but take one look at what people are saying on X and you’ll be brought up to speed.

“Fake arm holding umbrella. So arm is under coat presumably with a weapon. Completely unnecessary at the Grammy Awards. This bodyguard is a clown. But in serious environments the fake arm is a common tactic,” one person commented.

“Auto firearm dressed as an umbrella?” another speculated.

Pay close attention to Miley Cyrus’s bodyguard in this video at the Grammys all is not as it seems,” a third wrote.

A fourth added: “Did you catch the mysterious moves of Miley Cyrus‘s bodyguard at the Grammys There’s more to the story than meets the eye!

Naturally there were others who took a less suspicious approach to the whole thing.

It’s an umbrella weapon to rain lol! Not a gun,” one X user wrote.

Another added: “Miley Cyrus’s bodyguard is either carrying a gun disguised as an umbrella or is wearing a fake arm to disguise his real arm, again for security reasons. Bla, bla, bla. People are going nuts. It was raining. It’s an umbrella.

Tha narrative of a fake arm sounds good but let’s be realistic, it’s Miley Cyrus at the Grammies. This isn’t some world leader and I’m literally staring at his live hand holding an umbrella. It’s his juts him walking like he’s on a runway,” a third said.

What do you think? Have you had a look at the footage? Let us know.

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