“People Only Know Me as a Freak,” The Wolf Man Struggles to Find a Job Outside the Circus

Jesús Aceves has hypertrichosis, which makes his hair grow abundantly over his face and back. Because of his condition, he’s also known as The Wolf Man. But he’s tired of this alias and wants to live a normal life.

Meet Jesús Aceves, a 55-year-old man born with a condition called hypertrichosis, which means he has abnormal hair growth over his body, especially his face. Although married with kids, Jesús isn’t fully happy with his living conditions. He says he and his family suffer discrimination. In an interview, one of his kids mentioned, “People call me names, and they even tell their kids not to be my friends.”

He worked in the circus all his life, traveling through several cities. But now, he’s tired of being seen as a freak. As a consequence of years on the road, he’s been known as The Wolf Man.

Back home and not in the circus anymore, he’s facing another challenge: finding a “normal” job. He needs to support his family since his wife works in temporary jobs.

After several failed job interviews, he agreed to try something he had always avoided: shave his face. He relied on his family barber to transform him, even creating eyebrows and lashes.

The experience was difficult since the face is an extremely sensitive body area, but both he and his wife believed that simply by shaving, he would be able to find a job.

Jesús did several interviews, and it’s confident that now he’ll find somewhere to work besides the circus. If this happens, he must shave his face every 2 days.

Although rare, some conditions aren’t impossible to have. Luckily, people find a way to overcome the difficulties a rare condition brings and strive in life. Hannah Tyre, for example, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, meaning that her bones break very easily. But her love for makeup made her an internet influencer, reaching millions of followers. We hope that, by reaching the mainstream media, people with genetic diseases won’t suffer more discrimination.

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A woman converts a Boeing 747 into a fully functional home.

Buses, tiny houses, and shipping containers have all become popular building materials for one-of-a-kind homes.

These affordable substitutions for conventional housing provide the same level of comfort and a variety of customization options.

Jo Ann Ussery, on the other hand, designed her own unique home before it became popular.

She bought an old Boeing 727 and turned it into a lovely house.

Wonderful housing.

When Ussery’s home in Benoit, Mississippi, was destroyed in 1993, her adventure officially began.

She and her two kids needed a place to live because her husband had unexpectedly passed away, but they weren’t wealthy.

She had believed that purchasing a trailer would make all of her problems go away, but she soon realized she couldn’t afford a house big enough to accommodate her enormous family.

Ussery’s brother-in-law Bob, who works as an air traffic controller, suggested they try living aboard a plane.

Ussery was drawn to the idea and visited a Boeing 727 that had been disassembled for its parts.

Despite the piece’s $2,000 price tag (including shipping), she fell in love at first sight.
Ussery nicknamed her private Boeing 727 “Little Trump” after learning that Donald Trump also owned a private Boeing 727.

She started her expensive and time-consuming home improvements right away.

Less than $30,000 (or about $60,000 in modern currency) went toward the renovation.
While she worked on the inside, she needed to make sure it stayed in its current position.

Ussery made use of the lake that was already present on her property by bringing the plane down with its nose over the water. To achieve this specific goal, a sizable amount of concrete was used to secure the tail. The interior, which was roughly 1,500 square feet, was immediately demolished by her.

The aircraft measures 138 feet in length and has 76 windows.

Although the aircraft’s windows weren’t functional, as is typical of commercial aircraft, she wasn’t bothered by this because the air conditioning was working.

She upgraded the insulation and put in new flooring. What specific components of the original 727 were kept?

It is a brilliant idea to only have one airplane bathroom and overhead bins for your belongings.

The interior design.

Ussery was able to concentrate on the finer details and improved comforts once the significant changes were finished.

The remodeled jet had three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and even a laundry room.

The washer and dryer were there, but it also had a phone and an oven.
Without a doubt, Ussery’s work on the cockpit’s view of the lake was the most significant improvement.

It was transformed into a royal master bathroom with a soaking tub by her.

She designed the room’s layout to give everyone who was in it the sensation of floating.

The renovation was completed entirely by Ussery, which is especially noteworthy.

Before deciding to make her converted plane into a public museum, she lived there from 1995 to 1999.

Sadly, after being transported a short distance, it fell off the carriage and collapsed.

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