Pizza Hut restaurant has found itself going viral after a customer took a photo of a closure sign in its window

Remember accidentally writing ‘orga sm’ instead of ‘organism’ during science class at school? Well, this Pizza Hut restaurant has done the equivalent. One of the pizza chain’s restaurants in Ontario, Canada, has found itself going viral after a customer took a photo of a cIosure sign in its window.

The sign explained that it had to unexpectedly close its restaurant that day, but that it was still operating for takeout and delivery. This isn’t what’s got people taIking, however, as there was a rather amusing typo that’s left people in stitches.

It reads: “Due to unforeseen circumcisions the dining room will be closed this evening!!

Sorry for the inconvenience! Open for takeout and delivery only!! If you’re mind automatically read unforeseen circumstances, you might want to give the sign a second look. The photo has since gone viral on X and people have shared some very entertaining responses. I hate to know what caused the unforeseen circumcisions, said one person.

At 53, Kelly Ripa’s black gown on Oscars red carpet ignites reactlons from fans

It was a predictably eventful evening in LA this past Sunday at the 96th Academy Awards, hosted at the Dolby Theater.

Among the stand-out moments were John Cena’s naked walk across the stage to present the award for Best Costume Design and Al Pacino’s decision to skip over the nominations for Best Film altogether, instead going straight to announcing the winner.

There were also plenty of talking points to be gleaned from the red carpet, not least relating to the plethora of eye-catching outfits on show. As per reports, actress Kelly Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos were among those to steal the show, with the former causing a particular stir on social media.

Celebrities dominating headlines for their choice of garment for any particular awards ceremony is nothing new.

Yet in the age of social media, where live photos from the red carpet can be shared around the world at the click of a button, it’s become arguably more popular than ever to discuss and debate outfits in real time.

As such, it’s only natural to expect that an event of the magnitude of the Oscars, and those fortunate enough to be in attendance, is always going to be heavily scrutinized.

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