Planeload of abandoned dogs and cats from Afghanistan arrives in Vancouver

Some of the animals will be reunited with their owners while others will be put up for adoption

Hundreds of animals stranded in Afghanistan arrived in Vancouver on Tuesday night, after more than six months of rescue efforts by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

A total of 158 dogs and 146 cats touched down at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) aboard a specially converted Russian Ilyushin 76-TD aircraft after stops in Turkey and Iceland.

SPCA International said partners in Kabul reached out to them regarding the pets when U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan.

The groups hoped to evacuate the animals to North America at the time of the withdrawal, but the volatile situation combined with logistical issues resulted in the delay.

“These animals have been on the plane for quite some time,” Lori Kalef, director of programs for SPCA International, said prior their arrival. “We had to reroute at the last minute due to the conflict going on in Russia.”

From YVR, the animals will be transferred to a specially constructed 1,600-square metre facility.

Kalef said about 66 of the animals will be reunited with their owners, while another two dozen will stay with the SPCA until their owners are able to retrieve them. 

The others will be put up for adoption across North America. 

Anyone interested in adopting one of the animals can visit the SPCA International website. Applications will be handled by SPCA International and the B.C.-based RainCoast Dog Rescue Society.

Treacherous rescue mission

In a statement, the SPCA said numerous pets were left behind in shelters when their owners fled the country following the Taliban takeover.

A local charity, Kabul Small Animal Rescue, had saved more than 70 dogs from Kabul International Airport and rescued dozens of other animals abandoned by owners when they were forced to flee.

A viral video showing the heartbreaking abandonment of a puppy profoundly moved a kind guy. He was motivated to act by his sympathy and set out on a search and rescue expedition for the mistreated dog

In a heartwarming twist of fate, a viral video that initially showcased the heartbreaking abandonment of a helpless dog on a roadside has now transformed into a story of hope and compassion, all thanks to the actions of one compassionate individual. This inspiring tale unfolded in the serene town of Itabira, Brazil, where a vigilant cyclist stumbled upon a small, distressed brown and white dog.

The person who captured this heart-wrenching scene initially found herself unable to take the dog with her, prompting her to rush home to retrieve her car. However, upon her return, the puppy had mysteriously disappeared, despite her relentless search efforts. Filled with deep concern and haunted by the image of the abandoned dog, she decided to share the video on Facebook, accompanied by a heartfelt comment expressing her fears for the dog’s welfare.

The video’s narra tor shared, “Ladies and gentlemen, this little puppy here has become the center of attention in Itabira, all thanks to this viral video. His story touched our hearts profoundly, compelling us to take immediate action. Presently, he is under our loving care, and we’ve provided him with nourishment and essential supplies. Now, he eagerly awaits a name, one that sets him apart from the rest.”

According to a local news outlet, the family that rescued the puppy is now actively seeking suggestions for his name. Among the options, including Pietro, Einstein, and Xerebebeu, “Pietro” has emerged as the most popular choice in recent polls.

What began as a heartbreaking story has now culminated in a heartwarming resolution, thanks to the compassion of an observant witness and the unwavering determination of a kind-hearted man who stepped in to save the dog. We encourage you to share this uplifting tale of dog rescue with your loved ones, as it serves as a reminder of the enduring power of hope and compassion in our world.

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