Policeman Adopts Abandoned Dog He Saved In The Rain

On a chilly, rainy day, NYPD Officer Michael Pascale became a hero in more ways than one when he crossed paths with a little black dog named Joey. As he patrolled a public park in his squad car, he couldn’t ignore the sight of Joey, huddled amid discarded needles and broken beer bottles.

Joey was in a dire situation, tethered to a fence by a sturdy chain around his neck, drenched from the rain, shivering, and clearly abandoned. The pitiful look in Joey’s eyes tugged at Officer Pascale’s heartstrings, and he knew he had to take action.

“The first thing that sprang to me was that I needed to get him out of here,” Pascale shared with The Dodo. What followed was a heartwarming story of rescue and adoption that would change both their lives forever.

Officer Pascale wasted no time. He took Joey to the Animal Care Centers of NYC shelter in Brooklyn, and as he dried the grateful pup with a towel, a special bond began to form between them. To Pascale, Joey was not just an animal; he saw a soul in need.

“I don’t see an animal,” Pascale emphasized. “I notice a soul. And that is not something I avoid.” He texted a photo of the forlorn pup to his wife, who didn’t hesitate to respond, “Bring him home!” The couple was ready to adopt Joey, with just one obstacle in their way.

The Animal Care Centers informed Officer Pascale that Joey had to undergo a mandatory 72-hour stray hold. This waiting period ensures that even neglected or mistreated animals have a chance to be reunited with their owners. Despite their eagerness to adopt Joey, Pascale and his wife understood the importance of this waiting period.

During those long 72 hours, Officer Pascale visited Joey every day, forming an even stronger connection with the sweet dog. Finally, when the stray hold was lifted, Pascale fulfilled his promise to Joey, adopting him and vowing to protect him from cruelty and neglect.

Joey’s transition from a cold, wet stray to a beloved family member was complete as he showered Pascale with grateful kisses. They returned home to begin a new chapter in their lives together.

Today, Joey enjoys exploring New York City with his dad and snuggling on the couch with his mom. Officer Pascale notes that Joey has become quite the “Mama’s Boy.” While Joey may not be perfect—he occasionally rummages through the garbage and still dislikes going outside in the rain—he is content and cherished.

In the end, all Joey ever truly desired was a loving home, and thanks to Officer Pascale’s compassion, he found that and more. Joey’s heartwarming journey reminds us of the incredible bond that can form between humans and animals and the transformative power of kindness and rescue. 

Christopher Walken has loved the same woman for 59 years, they made a tough decision together

While Hollywood movies have given us so many love stories that are for the ages, most celebrity couples in real life are far from what we see on screen.
Divorce is not unheard of for most celebrities but there are of course, always exceptions to this rule. This is the story of legendary actor Christopher Walken and his wife Georgianne Walken, two people who have defied the odds.

Georgianne Walken was a casting director when she met Christopher Walken as they were working together. It was an instant connection that has lasted over half a century at this point.

The couple met in 1963 during a theatre tour of West Side Story. The two of them portrayed a couple for the production and slowly but surely fell for one another during the process. Georgianne recalls that she knew pretty soon that Christopher was the only man for her and the couple wed one another just a short six years after that.


“When [I] met him, [I] knew he had a future. He was good and was [going to] be better. It was a very compelling idea, and I had never met anybody like that in my life,” Georgianne said of their meeting.
She decided to get a stable job so Christopher could focus on acting without having to worry about money. Luckily, her job landed her in Hollywood once again, this time, however, she was behind the camera. She became a casting director and in this point of her career has about a 100 movies and shows under her belt. One of these shows include The Sopranos, which even led her to win an Emmy Award!


Christopher was also successful in his acting career. He has an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Deer Hunter and a BAFTA for his role in Catch Me If You Can.
“It’s very interesting being married to a man who is constantly playing a different person. You’re always living with a different person. He never tells me what part he’s playing when he’s getting ready. It just descends on me one day. Very interesting,” Georgianne has said about her husband.

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