Sad news about Brad Pitt. The announcement was made by the great actor himself:

Actor Brad Pitt revealed in a recent interview that he suffers from prosopagnosia, a rare neurological disorder also known as “facial blindness.”

Dani Blum describes the disorder’s signs, causes, and remedies in an article for the New York Times.

Borna Bonakdarpour, a behavioral neurologist at Northwestern Medicine, claims that face blindness—not color blindness or general vision impairment—is the main symptom of prosopagnosia.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke states that there is no connection between the illness and memory loss, vision problems, or learning impairments.

Blum continues, “It is not the same as forgetting or occasionally having trouble finding the correct word.

The severity of prosopagnosia will differ from person to person.

For instance, some people might have problems identifying a familiar face, such as that of a close friend or relative, while others might have trouble identifying their own reflection.

Additionally, some people might not be able to distinguish between faces and objects.

Notably, some data indicates that individuals with prosopagnosia may have chronic anxiety or depression due to the loneliness and fear that are frequently associated with the illness.

Blum notes that some people avoid contact with family members and other loved ones out of concern that they won’t be able to properly recognize or acknowledge them.

“Navigating basic social relationships with prosopagnosia can become difficult,” she says.

Pitt admitted that he has trouble recognizing people’s faces for years in a recent interview with GQ, despite never having gotten a formal prosopagnosia diagnosis.

In fact, Pitt claimed in a 2013 interview with Esquire that his difficulty recognizing people’s appearances was so great that it frequently made him want to isolate himself.

He explained, “That’s why I stay at home.

What is the condition’s cause?

People who are diagnosed with prosopagnosia often fall into one of two categories: either they are born with it or they acquire it.

However, estimations reveal that as many as one in every 50 people may struggle with some lifetime form of the disorder, and experts hypothesize that it may run in families.

According to Blum, research “suggests that congenital, or lifelong, prosopagnosia is less prevalent.”

According to Andrey Stojic, director of general neurology at the Cleveland Clinic, children born with the illness “don’t seem to have any visible structural abnormality” in the brain.

Notably, doctors don’t fully understand what causes congenital prosopagnosia because there aren’t any obvious brain lesions in persons who have it.

In contrast, people who develop prosopagnosia later in life may have brain abnormalities brought on by a trauma or head injury.

According to Bonakdarpour, individuals can also develop prosopagnosia while dealing with Alzheimer’s illness or following a stroke.

What therapies are available for prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia is now untreatable, according to Bonakdarpour. The problem can be treated, though.

People who have the syndrome frequently attempt to distinguish between people by focusing on physical characteristics like hair color, gait, or voice.

Their Hearts Were Broken When They Heard The Loud Cries Coming From The Trash

Their Hearts Were Broken When They Heard The Loud Cries Coming From The Trash

The scale of human cruelty cannot surprise us anymore. Every day, we witness sad stories caused by the heartless actions of some people.

Most of them are written according to a real-life scenario in which these helpless creatures are ready to give all their love, but those same people reciprocate in the worst possible way.

The beginning of today’s story is the best testimony to that. Several Good Samaritans, although used to various heartbreaking situations, could not even imagine what they would experience when they were passing by a container.

At one point, these good people heard loud cries coming from the trash, and when they realized what it was, their hearts were completely broken.

Life From The Bottom

dog in plastic bag

When these people opened the bag from which loud cries were coming, they saw a tiny, one-week-old puppy inside. He was so young that he had not even opened his eyes yet and was trembling out of cold and fear.

Despite the initial shock from this heartbreaking sight, they managed to pull themselves together quickly. They put the puppy in a warm blanket and immediately brought him home.

When they finally came to their house, these people prepared a temporary resting place for the puppy and bought him high-quality milk. Because he was very hungry due to the lack of real mother’s milk, the puppy drank an entire bottle within 10 minutes.

As soon as he satisfied his hunger, they let him rest, and he fell asleep almost immediately. They enjoyed watching him resting as he looked like an angel in that warm, cozy bed.

tiny dog and owner petting it

After a week of sleeping and feeding on milk, the puppy finally opened his eyes and began to explore the world around him. His look was full of hope, and this motivated them to do everything to help him have the happiest puppyhood.

These good people provided him with the best milk they could find so that he could have all the needed nutrition in this crucial period of his life. They also gave him a lot of space in the house so that he was able to explore the surroundings and satisfy his curiosity.

While exploring, he met family cats and quickly fell in love with them. They were a bit suspicious at first, but they soon accepted his company, and from then on, a beautiful friendship was born.

two cats and puppy

Every day, this puppy looked better and was happier, and when he finally started walking after a month, nothing could stand in his way anymore.

Although they knew he still had a long way to go, his rescuers were now sure he had a bright future ahead of him.

Growing Up Quickly

puppy with clothes

Day by day, the sweet little furball was growing bigger and more beautiful. After a month, he was ready to transition from the milk to soft food. He wasn’t a picky eater, so they had no problem choosing the right ingredients.

Aside from preparing him the best-quality food full of nutrition, they also recognized his playful personality, so they started buying him toys to play with. He was over the moon when they brought him his very first toy, and that filled their soul.

After 51 days of the happiest puppyhood, he grew up and completely changed. His body weight increased quite a bit, and his fur was finally long and smooth. He became a real little beauty.

puppy with flower

Although the puppy was now very comfortable and happy, they continued to take the best care of him and provide him with everything he needed.

As he was more grown up now, he also required larger clothes. They didn’t spare money and bought him the most comfortable clothes they could find. Out of all the family members, the puppy was the best dressed, and even the cats didn’t have better clothing than him.

puppy with blue sweater

From the best toys to the most comfortable T-shirts, the puppy enjoyed all possible benefits in a warm home. However, his biggest blessing was the fact that he was the most loved member of the family.

Yes, you heard that right – this puppy became a full-fledged member of the family as his saviors could no longer imagine life without him. At that moment, he was the most blessed dog in the world.

From The Cries To The Smiles

woman with watch holding a dog

Soon after his new parents decided to adopt him, they brought him to the vet so that he could get the necessary vaccines, and they told the doctor to make a detailed examination. To their delight, the doctor confirmed that the puppy’s health condition was perfect.

After this happy news, his new life could finally begin. His appearance completely changed, as he wasn’t a puppy anymore but a big, handsome dog who never stopped radiating positive energy.

Most of all, he liked to go for long walks with his parents and enjoy the sun, but he also favored big parks where he met and played with other canines. He carried a broad smile on his face that never stopped delighting all those people who would see him.

happy puppy

Source: Rescue Mission HT

This puppy became a walking smiley face that everyone loved to see and greet. However, they didn’t know that just a few months earlier, he cried in a place where no one wanted to look at him.

That’s what makes this story even more special and tells us that there is always a new opportunity to laugh, even when it seems like our whole world has collapsed.

This puppy is a living testimony to that.

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