She literally devoured worms and gave birth without eating for a month, demonstrating her amazing will to care for and protect her babies in spite of her own agony.

The owner died more than a month ago. The son also abandoned her; we assume she was ready to give birth since the babies if they reach a month are many. She gave birth there and went a month without eating.

We don’t know how she survived, or how those two tiny soldiers survived. Caught on her mother’s breast, without a drop of milk and suffering from severe anemia, she was physically consumed by worms. Look how frantic she was when she was released, despite the fact that her infirmity makes it difficult for her to move.

Last night, we went looking for her. You can only image how bad the stench was all over her rotten flesh. She was withering to death.

We administered first aid, medicated, administered saline, sanitized, and removed any probable worms. She also let him use the mattress. She refused to eat or drink. We didn’t know if the larger insect had impacted her throat or perforated the jaw, stopping her from doing it.

She has additional tiny bugs on her gum, pear, hand, and hip, as well as a scab on her hip… Her situation is dreadful.We looked after babies who, thankfully, did not have bugs. They simply begin eating. We applied flea powder to them and dewormed them.

This story of survival and compassion reminds us of the power of kindness even in the face of unthinkable hardship.

Together we can make a difference nurturing life and hope where it is needed most.

Let us share this story and Inspire others to act with compassion for every living being deserves a chance at a better tomorrow.

Seeing the heart-wrenching scene of these unfortunate puppies remaining loyal by their deceased mother’s side at the abandoned railway could evoke emotions

In a vicinity near an abandoned railway, a group of unfortunate puppies resided, among them, a special one. This particular puppy, following the untimely demise of its mother, an elderly dog struck by a passing train on that very railway, steadfastly remained by her side.

Day after day, the devoted puppy returned to the railway, yearning for its mother’s return, unaware that she had passed away long ago. Each time it discovered a dry leaf, it would perch on it, tenderly licking its tears, as if beckoning its mother back.

This poignant routine persisted for several days until a young woman passing by the railway bore witness to this heart-rending spectacle. She was moved by a profound sense of empathy and decided to extend her help to the group of puppies.

Carrying a basket brimming with cookies and refreshments, she approached the puppies, including the special one. The unique puppy eagerly leaped onto the basket and indulged in the treats, yet it still returned to the railway, alighting upon the dry leaf, as if persistently in search of its mother.

The girl couldn’t hold back her tears as she watched this heartrending scene unfold. Overwhelmed with sympathy, she resolved to take the special puppy home, where she would provide it with the care and nurturing it deserved.

From that moment on, the special puppy found itself in a new home, with a new family, and we remain optimistic that it will discover joy and contentment in its fresh start. This story serves as a poignant reminder that love and compassion have the power to help us surmount the challenges and adversities in our lives.

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