Speaker of the House “Nasty” Nancy Pelosi got a decidedly less than warm welcome when she appeared at the Global Citizen Festival

Speaker of the House “Nasty” Nancy Pelosi got a decidedly less than warm weIcome when she appeared at the Global Citizen Festival in New York with her husband Paul Pelosi back in September. She appeared on stage, was introduced by an Indian actress named Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and then the crowd went wiId. But not with applause.

Incredibly, in a city with 68 percent of registered voters decIaring themselves to be Democrats, Nasty Nacy was booed. And not just booed a bit by one or two drunk guys embarrassing their girlfriends. No, as she tried to expound on climate change, Nancy got booed loudly. Very loudly.

Kyle Tomczak wrote: I was at the global citizen festival in Central Park Manhattan, and they brought Nancy Pelosi out and she got heaviIy booed.

More than one video came out of Nancy Pelosi being booed after multiple people uploaded their videos of the incid ent with the Democrat. Watch the Democrat Congresswoman get humiliated by the crowd’s roaring boos

American Civil War True or False Quiz

Test your knowledge of the American Civil War with this quiz and answer whether the following 10 statements about the conflict are true or false!

1. True or False: The American Civil War began in 1860.

Confederate flag flying over Fort Sumter -- photo from 1861. Image is a detail from a stereoscopic photograph taken by Alma A. Pelot on the morning of April 15, 1861.Wikimedia CommonsTrueFalse

2. True or False: South Carolina was the first US state to secede from the Union.

The ruins of Mills House and nearby buildings, Charleston, South Carolina, at end of American Civil War. A shell-damaged carriage and the remains of a brick chimney are in the foreground - 1865Wikimedia CommonsTrueFalse

3. True or False: Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States at the beginning and the end of the American Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln, three-quarter length portrait, seated and holding his spectacles and a pencil, 5 Feb 1865

Wikimedia CommonsTrueFalse

4. True or False: About 10% of the US population served in the military during the American Civil War.

Photograph of the assembled officers of the 80th New York Infantry (20th N.Y.S.M.) at their encampment at Culpepper, Virginia. Glass collodion wet negative. The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 1863Wikimedia CommonsTrueFalse

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