Susan Dey’s life after hit TV series “The Partridge Family” and her crush on colleague David Cassidy back in the day

How many of you remember watching “The Partridge Family?” If you were a fan, you were probably enchanted by the beauty of Laurie Partridge who was played by actress Susan Dey.

When Susan was offered the role in the ABC series which lasted for four years, from 1970 to 1974, she didn’t have any experience in acting, but casting her was the right thing to do as she was incredibly talented and it felt like she’d been in front of the camera many times before.

Wikipedia Commons / ABC Television Network.

The adventures of the singing family which traveled from place to place to perform in a refurbished psychedelic school bus stole the hearts of many. After it finished in the States, it became a huge hit in the U.K as well and the cast gained huge popularity.

Susan’s colleague, David Cassidy, who played Keith in the show, quickly became a teen idol whom many girls adored. Among all those women who were crazy about him was Susan herself. She had a crush on him for a longer period of time, but the two only started dating after the show was over. Their relationship didn’t last long and they remained good friends until David published his book, C’mon, Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus, where he shared some intimate details of his relationship with Susan. Among the rest, he said he ended what he had with her because she was too innocent for him.

This made Susan mad. She vowed to never speak to him again and even refused to attend the cast reunion years later.

Since “The Partridge Family,” Susan was part of many movies and TV shows and even wrote a book titled, Susan Dey’s Secrets on Boys, Beauty and Popularity.

Over the years, she earned six Golden Globe and three Emmy award nominations before she won a Golden Globe award for Best Actress for the role of Grace Van Owen in “LA Law.”

According to, Susan turned down the role of Sandy in Grease and Olivia Newton John, who played that role, was offered the role of Laurie in “The Partridge Family” but her manager convinced her not to accept it.


Today, Susan is enjoying a quiet life with her husband and their family in New York where she grew up. She’s no longer under the limelight but she’ll always remain someone who made our young years awesome. No one really forgets such series as “The Partridge Family” no matter how much time passes.

10 Hairstyles That Can Ruin Even a Flawless Look

Even the most elaborate look can be spoiled by a bad hairstyle which can easily make you look 10 years older, distort your facial features or even your body. We’ve put together 10 hairstyles that are worth avoiding.

Contrasting coloring

Contrast coloring is considered outdated. Nowadays, more natural and soft transitions are in vogue. Smooth and barely noticeable accents on individual strands look much more refined and sophisticated, adding freshness to your look and volume to your hair.

Blunt bob with baby bangs

Recently, some celebrities returned to a controversial trend from the 1990s and got very short bangs. However, stylists believe that women after 40 should avoid baby bangs because these can make them look older.

Straight bangs that reach eyebrows

Many people believe that these bangs help you visually correct the height of the forehead and make the face more symmetrical. But it can play a bad joke on your appearance — it can visually age a person and steal hair volume.

Complicated braids

We are used to seeing Rosamund Pike with short, straight hair. But recently, the actress appeared in public with a slightly longer hairstyle. But it doesn’t always look up-to-date, like these braids, for example.

Currently, complicated braids are giving way to simpler hairstyles. The more natural and careless hairstyle with braids is better.

Unnatural hair coloring

Hilary Duff decided to make drastic changes in her looks after the divorce from her first husband, and we can understand that. But bright, unnatural colors, like blue, green, or pink, are becoming less and less popular. More muted shades that emphasize individuality without being too extravagant are in fashion now.

Middle-parted, chin-length bobm

Hair stylists believe that this bob often emphasizes fine lines, wrinkles and signs of thinning hair on mature women. It’s best to opt for a bob with a side parting or a pixie cut.

Bob with blunt bangs

Experts believe that this haircut can visually add age. The length of the bangs is key here. If it covers the eyebrows, it highlights signs of aging. In addition, the jaw seems more massive than it really is.

Shaved sides

Haircuts with shaved sides were at the peak of popularity 15 years ago, but now they are losing their positions. Many people believe that this type of haircut distorts the appearance.

But Tilda Swinton just loves short haircuts and has stayed loyal to them for many years. Let’s look at the photos above: in the left photo, the actress’s sides look too short, while in the right photo, the hair softly frames her face.Thick side-swept bangs

Thick side-swept bangs

These bangs tend to distort facial features because they can easily cover one eye. In addition, they draw attention to skin imperfections.


The mallet hairstyle can be roughly described as «shorter in the front, longer in the back.» Modern fashion trends tend to favor more harmonious and versatile haircuts that can be easily adapted to different looks.

And here are hairstyle tips that can help you enhance your facial features.

Preview photo credit Invision/Invision/East News, zz/Pluto/STAR MAX/IPx/Associated Press/East News, Vianney Le Caer/Invision/East News

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