The First Ever Albino Twins Born In Argentina Will Leave You In Awe

Virginia and Catalina are two albino girls from Argentina who became viral on social media when they were born four years ago.

In 2018 Jorge Gomez and his wife received the good news that they were going to become parents to two twin baby girls. The couple already had a son and became ecstatic when the doctors told them they were expecting twin girls.

According to Gomez, the pregnancy was completely normal, and his wife used to visit her doctor regularly.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness, and when they were born, and we saw that they were albinos that happiness did not change at all. For us it is a blessing,” he told a local news outlet.

The father-of-three said that there were no complications and everything went smoothly. However, in the 36th week, doctors told him that they had to deliver the babies immediately.

So, the girls were born prematurely in the 36th week. But they were healthy and weighed normal. Catalina was born two minutes earlier than Virginia. They both weighed 5.95 lbs and 5.5 lbs, respectively.

The unusual thing about the newborn girls was their milky white hair. Gomez and his wife didn’t see any kid like that before in their lives, nor did anyone else.

So, the girls became an overnight sensation in Argentina in 2018 and made headlines in many media outlets and newspapers.

The pictures of them went all over the internet, and people were amazed to see two small girls born with snow-white hair.

According to LV12, the twins were born with a rare genetic disorder, albinism in which there is a lack of pigmentation in the skin.

People with albinism do not have enough melanin pigment in their skin and are born with either white or blonde hair. This condition also affects their coloring and eyesight. Some babies even have ginger hair, depending on the amount of melanin in their skin.

Catalina and Virginia were the first-ever kids born with albinism in Argentina. Their rare condition made them popular in the country.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness, and when they were born, and we saw that they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all,” Jorge Gomez told LV12.

He said he felt super blessed to be their father and never once thought that they were different from other kids or something was wrong with them.

“There were some precautions that we as parents had to bear in mind. For example, the girls are extremely sensitive to UV rays, which affect their skin and can cause sunburn and even cancer in a worst-case scenario,” said Gomez.

“So, we have to be extra cautious all the time and make sure that they are not going in the sunlight and are well protected from extreme weather conditions, especially hot weather.”

The twins are now four years old and look even more beautiful as they are growing up.

Meet Myrtle, the Woman Who Was Born With 4 Legs and Eventually Became a Mom

Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born with a rare birth defect called polymelia, meaning born with extra limbs, in her case, she had 4 legs, 2 normal ones and 2 smaller ones that grew from her hips. But there was more to it. She also had 2 sets of reproductive organs and 2 pelvises. Because of this rare occurrence, she’s probably one of the few people in history considered wonders. Let’s delve into Myrtle’s story and discover her exceptional life milestones.Myrtle was considered a rare and remarkable case of human development.

© Joseph Jones / Wikimedia Comons© Public Domain

Josephine Myrtle Corbin, an American sideshow performer, came into the world in 1868 as a remarkable medical rarity. Affected by a condition known as dipygus, she possessed two lower bodies from the waist down. This unusual phenomenon occurred due to her body axis splitting during development, resulting in two separate pelvises side by side. Remarkably, her smaller inner legs were paired with one of her outer legs. While Myrtle could move her inner legs, but they were too weak to walk on.

Born in Tennessee to her parents, William and Nancy, Myrtle’s arrival brought both wonder and concern. At 25, her father, William, and 34-year-old mother, Nancy, welcomed the unique little Myrtle into their lives. Medical professionals noted that if Myrtle had been delivered breech, with her bottom first, it could have been potentially fatal for both her and her mother. Thankfully, Myrtle’s early days were promising, as she displayed signs of strength, weighing 10 lb (4.5kg) just 3 weeks after her birth.

Myrtle’s father was facing financial hardship and had to think of ways to support his growing family.

© Charles Eisenmann (1855-1927) / Wikimedia Commons© Public domain©

At the age of 5 weeks, people had the opportunity to visit William Corbin and marvel at his four-legged daughter for a small fee. As the years passed, Myrtle grew up accustomed to the constant stares and astonishment from those who encountered her rare condition. Her inner legs never fully developed, her right foot was clubbed, and both of the smaller legs had 3 toes on each foot.

Over the following decade, William took Myrtle on a journey across the country, where she participated in fairs, sideshows, and dime museums. By the time she turned 14, she had achieved success and managed to secure a lucrative contract paying her an unusually high salary of $250 per week.

The four-legged girl, Myrtle, had a younger sister named Ann, who fortunately did not suffer from any birth defects.

Myrtle married when she was 18 and later became a mother.

© James R. Applegate (1849–1910), Philadelphia / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain©

As Myrtle entered adulthood, she grew weary of the constant attention she received due to her condition. At 18, she decided to marry James Bicknell, a medical student, after which she retired from her performing career. Interestingly, her fame had inspired others to attempt to fake her unique deformity, but all of these impostors were eventually exposed as frauds.

A year into their marriage, Myrtle experienced troubling symptoms like fever, nausea, headaches, and side pains. Concerned, she sought medical attention, and to her disbelief, the doctor revealed that she was pregnant on her left side. Myrtle skeptically responded, saying, “If it had been on my right side, I would come nearer believing you are correct.” The pregnancy proved challenging for her health, and doctors even advised her to consider an abortion due to the severity of her illness. However, Myrtle managed to recover swiftly.

Over the following years, James and Myrtle welcomed seven more children into their family. Tragically, only 5 of them survived infancy, 4 daughters and a son.

© Unknown author / Wikimedia Commons© Public Domain

The family lived a quiet life until their 5 children reached adulthood. Then Myrtle re-entered the show business. In 1909, when Myrtle was 41, she was a part of Huber’s Museum exhibit, appearing as The Four-Legged Girl from Cleburne, Texas. She often dressed her 4 legs in matching shoes and socks, to the audience’s delight. She was making $450 per week at the time.

In 1928, Myrtle developed a skin infection on her right leg, and the doctor diagnosed her with erysipelas or a strep infection. A week later, on May 6th, 1928, Myrtle passed away. Her casket was covered in concrete, and family members kept watch until it was fully cured to prevent grave robbers from stealing her remains.

Almost a century later, Josephine Myrtle Corbin Bicknell continues to inspire others by proving that even in the 19th century, a woman could forge a successful career and become a mother all at once.

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