There’s a new game in town and his name is Oliver Anthony

Step aside, TayIor Swift. There’s a new game in town and his name is Oliver Anthony. Anthony’s latest concert, which was unannounced until the day before, more than doubIed any of the attendance records set by Taylor Swift’s overrated “Eras Tour.

It was amazing, said concert promoter Joe Barron

We went from Ted Nugent and the Chili Cookoff on Saturday to nearly a million peopIe in and around the fairground on Sunday. Ted was honored to be part of it, albeit a little embarrassed.

I just want to thank Ted Nugent, Anthony told the crowd, “Had he not recommended I come, none of you would have gotten to taste his award-winning canned whitetaiI chili.” Anthony then said a prayer, read from Ezekiel 7, and played both of his songs.

The crowd hadn’t considered how to get out, and local authorities beIieve some may be stuck near the center of the event for weeks or even months. With winter coming, said ALLOD Journalisticator Tara Newhole, They may have to airdrop supplies to these morons.

New hole reports that she hasn’t seen that many overalls since Sacha Baron Cohen got all the bumpkins to sing Wuhan Flu. Anthony, who remains smack-dab in the middle of the whole thing, has seized controI of the situation, declared martial law, and suspended all food stamps to those who couId feed themselves if they weren’t running out of food and moving on to some Mad Max hellscape fairly soon.

Dog Stuck In A Manhole – He Was Whimpering So Hard But People Just Passed By Until A Girl Saw Him

They told us that they had seen the dog steal food from a nearby shop, and the owner of the store and raised had pushed the dog into the sewer.

Unfortunately the dog had gotten stuck there and was unable to climb out, we tried to reach the dog with ropes and sticks but it was of no use foreign.

Was too deep and the dog was too frightened to come towards us, we could hear it whimpering From Below and our hearts broke for the helpless animal after several attempts we knew that we needed more

They’re huddled in the corner was a frightened dog it was shaking uncontrollably and its eyes. After several attempts the dog finally allowed the officer to pet it, he slowly lifted the dog out of the manhole and handed it over to us.

We thanked the police officer for their help and promised to find the dog a new loving home the officers told us they would take care of the shop owner and find him for mistreating a stray animal

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