These Target Locations Are Scheduled to Close: Here’s the Complete List

Target, grappling with escalating theft and “organized retail cri me,” is set to close nine outIets across four states. Despite “adding more security team members, using third-party guard services, and implementing theft-deterrent tools,” the challenges with crime persisted. Below are the affected markets along with the remaining stores and employment data:
New York City
-Harlem: 517 E 117th St. (96 remaining stores, over 20,000 team members)
-University Way: 4535 University Way NE
-Ballard: 1448 NW Market St., Ste. 100 (22 remaining stores, nearly 4,000 team members)
San Francisco/Oakland:
-SF Folsom: 1690 Folsom St.
-Oakland Broadway: 2650 Broadway
-Pittsburg: 4301 Century Blvd. (32 remaining stores, over 6,400 team members)
-Galleria: 939 SW Morrison St.
-Powell: 3031 SE Powell Blvd.
-Hollywood: 4030 NE Halsey St. (15 remaining stores, more than 2,500 team members)
Over 150 stores remain operational in these regions. Target is boosting security through locking cases for certain merchandise and allying with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Investigations division. “While we will continue to make meaningful investments throughout our business, we cannot solve this issue on our own,” the firm noted.

Here’s what Walmart is replacing self-checkout machines with – Big Announcement

Walmart Alters Course: Drops Self-Checkout Expansion Amidst Customer Concerns

Shopping often takes longer due to struggIes finding items and lengthy checkout lines. Many retailers, including Walmart, introduced self-checkout lanes to combat these challenges.

Walmart even launched “Scan and Go” technology, aiming to speed up shopping. However, this strategy encountered setbacks. Customers disliked the added responsibilities and missed the human touch. Randy Parraz from Making Change at Walmart noted, “You can’t convince customers to do the job of a cashier just because you don’t want to pay for the work.”

Responding to such feedback, Walmart decided to shift its focus. Instead of expanding automation, it will hire more cashiers to enhance customer service.

This move highIights a renewed commitment to customer satisfaction and interaction. The lesson learned from Walmart’s change in direction is that maintaining a balance between efficiency and positive experiences is crucial for businesses, as the human connection remains pivotal even in an increasingIy automated world.

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