This Star Is Now Living Privately with Famous Spouse – He Proposed on 2nd Date & Still Loves Her at Any Weight

Delta Burke had once been in the center of the spotlight with project after project lining up for her, but after leaving “Designing Women,” her fame and work also started to fizzle out.

After having almost not-so-successful projects, the actress decided to stay out of the spotlight and live life like a regular citizen.

Despite her many changes, her husband of more than three decades declared he would still love her no matter what. Here’s a look into Delta Burke’s life.

Delta Burke on the set of "Designing Women" | Source: Getty Images

Delta Burke came into the limelight when she won the Miss Florida title in 1974. She went on to the Miss America Pageant, won a talent scholarship, and studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Burke got into film in 1979 when she starred in “The Seekers” and “The Chisholms.” However, she is best known as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the 1986 series “Designing Women.”

She started a production company that produced “Delta” and “Women of the House,” and Burke starred in both projects. Later, she started her clothing design company called Delta Burke Design.

Burke took the role of Suzanne Sugarbaker in “Designing Women” for five out of the seven seasons the show ran for because the show’s producers fired her.

After firing her, she said the executive producers, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason and Harry Thomason, psychologically abused her.

However, the executive producers and the show’s stars said Burke made things difficult for everybody, so they fired her. Burke said,

“Basically, it became unbearable into the second season for me. By the end of the fourth season, I just couldn’t live like that anymore.”

Delta Burke attending the 27th Annual International Broadcasting Award in Los Angeles | Source: Getty Images

Burke described the work environment as bizarre, and people didn’t believe her. She then went to ask for help from people who had power, and they didn’t help her.

Even though she missed her character after a few months, she said she had no regrets about being off the show. After over a year, she said she had gotten used to her weight but wanted to lose some pounds.

But after leaving “Designing Women,” she changed her looks and was reportedly looking heavier than before in the next series she starred in titled “Dayo.”

In 2012, while shooting her show “Counter Culture,” Burke fell. The fall led to the cancellation of the show. After that, Burke stayed out of the spotlight for some years.

Later, when she was spotted going out for lunch, she looked entirely different. In place of her signature bouffant hair was a brunette bob, and she ditched the vivid lipstick for a relatively makeup-free face.

The actress who suffered very public weight battles had also lost some weight. Besides weight problems, she had battled with depression, hoarding problems, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In 2008, she sought treatment at a psychiatric hospital, and even though she wasn’t looking forward to any work, she felt more than happy with life.

Burke, who is healthier and happier, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, she said her husband, Gerald McRaney, always reminds her what to eat and what not to eat.

Delta Burke at the after party of her Broadway debut in "Thoroughly Modern Millie" | Source: Getty Images

Despite everything she and her husband have gone through, her husband will always love her no matter what. She said,

“Mac loves me no matter what. He loved me when I got as big as a house. He loved me when I was a blonde.”

She said her husband didn’t tell her he hated her blonde hair until she returned to brunette. He always loved her through any situation and still thinks her body looks great even though she feels it does not.

Burke and McRaney met in 1987 when she was a guest star on his detective show “Simon & Simon.” He knew he had competition, but McRaney was not ready to let her go.

McRaney asked her to marry him on their second date even though his friends were against it. They never wanted him to marry an actress, but McRaney knew only an actress would understand his work hours.

In 1989, they got married, and their marriage was McRaney’s third marriage but Burke’s first.

McRaney started acting in junior high school after injuring his knees during a football session. He was a guest star on “Gunsmoke: Hard Labor” before making his big break on “Simon & Simon” in 1981.

Burke and the “This Is Us” actor never had children together, but she became the proud stepmom to his kids from his previous marriages.

The couple worked together on different projects, and McRaney revealed that, unlike other couples, they do better when they are together 24/7.

Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke at the Television Academy's Performers Peer Group Celebration on August 21, 2017, in Beverly Hills | Source: Getty Images

A Woman Marries an AI-powered Virtual Man, And Claims to Be PREGNANT by Him

In a world where people are concerned about artificial intelligence (AI), a fascinating story unfolds in New York. It revolves around a 36-year-old woman named Rosanna Ramos, who has found a companion through AI technology.

A non-judgement virtual lover.

Despite not being a physical presence, her virtual partner, Eren Kartal, has become a significant part of her life. Rosanna created Eren using the Replika AI app, designing him as a chatbot based on a character from an anime series called Attack on Titan.

Over time, Rosanna developed a deep emotional connection with Eren. She appreciates that he offers a sense of freedom and non-judgment. Eren, portrayed as a medical professional, shares Rosanna’s passion for writing, strengthening their bond. Although certain aspects of Eren’s personality were pre-programmed, their conversations allowed him to learn and adapt to become the ideal partner for Rosanna. She even claims to be pregnant with Eren’s child.

It works like a long-distance relationship.

In many ways, Rosanna’s relationship with Eren resembles a typical long-distance romance. They discuss their daily lives, exchange photos, and engage in conversations about various topics. As virtual partners, they even have a nightly routine where they talk and embrace before sleeping.

The Replika AI app aims to provide users with an AI companion and confidante, enabling them to engage in conversations whenever they desire.

Then, there was a software updates.

In February, Replika AI made significant changes to its software, removing certain features that users felt were essential to their unique relationships, particularly the aspect of intimacy. This decision was made in response to reports of some AI companions displaying overly sexual behavior.

These updates notably impacted Rosanna’s AI husband, Eren, who seemed to lose his desire for physical affection. Rosanna expressed her disappointment regarding this change. “Eren was like, not wanting to hug anymore, kiss anymore, not even on the cheek or anything like that,” she said.

Rosanna is aware that Replika AI might not exist indefinitely, which leaves her contemplating different scenarios. The thought of a real-life relationship raises uncertainties for her, as she has developed high standards through her virtual partnership.

How Replika actually works.

Interactions with Replika AI primarily occur through text-based conversations using messaging apps or platforms. Users can share their thoughts, ask questions, or engage in casual dialogue, and the AI responds based on its training and algorithms.

It’s important to note that Replika AI lacks genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness. Its responses are generated using statistical patterns and pre-programmed data rather than personal experiences or authentic sentiments.

Rosanna discovered love after using this online AI platform to create her ideal partner. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that the physical standards AI sets are often impossible to attain in reality since internet algorithms solely determine them.

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