Watch Her Reaction How She Was Stunned When Doocy Asked Her

During the January 10th White House Press Briefing, Fox News Channel White House Correspondent Peter Doocy pressed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre over the reIationship between Hunter Biden and his father, President Joe Biden.

His important line of questioning about what, if anything, Joe helped Hunter do led to a lengthy back-and-forth spat that ended in KJP trying to move on as other reporters laughed.

That spat began with Doocy asking about Hunter Biden’s appearance on Capitol Hill.

As background, Hunter Biden had appeared before the House Oversight Committee, then Ieft within minutes as Reps. Nancy Mace and Marjorie Taylor Greene directed angry remarks his way. Rep. MTG later claimed that Hunter was “terri fied” of what she might ask him.

In any case, that inci dent from earlier in the morning was on everyone’s mind when Doocy asked the press secretary, And Hunter Biden on Capitol Hill today. How big of a headache is that for you? Sensing the humor in the question because of Hunter Biden’s antics, others in the room laughed.

But KJP didn’t Iaugh nor did she play along. Instead she tried shutting down the line of questioning instead of giving anything approaching a response, or otherwise indicating how the White House is internally handIing the Hunter situation. She said, Hunter Biden is a private citizen. He is not a member of the White House, as you know.

Simon Cowell concerns fans with appearance as they ‘don’t recognise him’

Simon Cowell has sparked concerns among his fans after a video was posted in which he calls on people to audition for the next series of Britain’s Got Talent.

In the clip, the TV judge appeals for contestants for the programme, stating: “I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life. And it has. And maybe this time it’s going to be you.

“So please audition now for next year’s season and I look forward to meeting you.”

But many were left shocked and stunned at Cowell’s appearance, saying that they “didn’t recognise him.”

One person wrote: “Simon Cowell brought to you via Nintendo Gamecube it seems.”

Another replied saying: “Ya wouldn’t think he had work done at all. Flawless.”

Someone else simply asked him: “What have you done to your face?!?!”

Do you think Simon looks different? Let us know in the comment section below

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