Watch What Whoopi Said To Liz Cheney During A Recent Episode Of ‘The View’

Liz Cheney, the daughter of Dick Cheney and one of the most anti-Trump members of the GOP, lost her seat in Wyoming to Harriet Hageman but now is being encouraged by far-Ieft Whoopi Goldberg to run for the presidency in 2024.

Such is what Whoopi said during a recent episode of “The View” on which Liz Cheney appeared. During the episode, Whoopi clutched her pearls and claimed that Trump wants to be a dictator for life while begging Liz Cheney to run as a third party to sink Trump’s presidentiaI bid and save America from that supposed dictatorship.

Beginning, Whoopi, a constant voice of the left, pretended to care about the survival of the GOP and asked Cheney if she would consider running as a third party in 2024 to sink Trump’s presidential bid. She said, Do you see yourself, and I, and would you ever consider being the conduit to that third party? Because I don’t know if the Republican Party as we as we knew it, will survive this.

Whoopi Wants Liz Cheney to Run in 2024

Continuing, Whoopi then expounded on her fears of Trump and what he will do if eIected, saying that she fears that Trump will try to be a “dictator for life” if he wins.

She said, Because if he ever gets in again, we’ll never have any more elections, there will be no more. He will stop it. And he’s very cIear about he wants to be dictator for life.

Whoopi then repeated her main question, again asking Cheney if she would consider stepping into a third-party role to try to stop Trump in 2024. She asked, Okay, so I wonder, would you ever consider, pIease would you consider being that person?

Next, Whoopi returned to expounding on a tangentially related subject, ranting about people who pretended they would back Cheney and then ditched her and sided with Trump instead.

She said, Because I gotta tell you, it. I was really, I don’t understand how people can say, ‘we’re with you. We’re with you. We’re with you.’ And then when you need them, they go, Oh, but we’re with him. Now. I don’t understand that.

ConcIuding, she said, “And I don’t understand how you find the grace not to be pissed at folks. Oh, I’m not, you know. You’re mad at him, but you’re not pissed at him.

Because if you were pissed at him, you would have given up on him and you have out well, and so would you. Cheney, for her part, responded to Whoopi’s plea by saying, I think honestly, Whoopi, that there are millions of Americans — I think the majority of Americans agree with what you just said in terms of the need for us to be able to say, you know, let’s have the debates about policy and substance, but we love our country more than our political party, and going forward, we have to be able to come together.

Woman defends decision to tattoo boyfriend’s name on forehead, says it’s an expression of love

A woman who tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her forehead is defending her face art, suggesting that anyone who refuses to do the same, isn’t really in love.

Ana Stanskovsky, who penned a permanent love letter to Kevin on her face, insists it’s an expression of love, but online users are saying “it’s stupid” and that her “next boyfriend will hate it.”

Polish-born Ana Stanskovsky surprised her 588,000 TikTok followers by sharing a post of her newly transformed face.

In a viral TikTok clip, Stanskovsky is seen sitting in a chair, having some work done to her forehead.

The “my new face tattoo” video, which has 18.3 million views since it was first shared November 6, shows Stanskovsky getting her boyfriend’s name, penned in large black cursive letters, across her forehead.

The clip zooms in on the artist permanently inking over the stencil that reads “Kevin,” and Stanskovsky wincing in pain.

When the art is complete, she stands up to view her extreme expressions of love in the mirror.

“Done? Okay let’s see. Oh my God, I love it. Wow, Kevin’s gonna love it,” she says.

She finished the clip by asking her followers “Do you think he will like it?”

Responding to her question, one netizen jokes, “He’ll love it! Your next boyfriend will hate it though.” Another user writes, “I don’t know who Kevin is, but wherever you are…. Run!”

As the video hits the eyes of the puzzled social community, people are warning her of future regrets.

“Great decision here. I don’t see how you could ever regret this,” one fan shares.

Replying to the overwhelming suggestions of regret, Stanskovsky fired back with another clip saying she will never regret the Kevin tattoo.

Stanskvosky replies, “I know many of you said I’m gonna regret that and what if we break up and all of this stuff, all of this horrible stuff and I just wanna say this is how I’m expressing my feelings so if I love someone, I’m doing this.” She continues, “I’m loving it, I’m definitely never gonna regret that. How can I regret this? It’s beautiful.”

“A handwritten note is a precious way to express your feelings,” quips one cyber citizen.
Fans still aren’t convinced, and many think her outrageous announcement of love must be a joke.
“Wait. Wasn’t it a joke?” writes one while another says, “I was waiting for them to say it’s just a prank but
they never did.”
The influencer then tells viewers that every time she looks in the mirror she is “in love.”

“I’m in love with the tattoo and I’m in love with my boyfriend,” she said. “I think if you really love someone, you’ve just got to show it you know, you’ve just got to prove it…So I think if your girlfriend doesn’t want to tattoo your name on her face, you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don’t think she loves you.”

Shocked by her comment, users jumped in saying she needs to reconsider her shows of love.

“‘if [your] girlfriend doesn’t want your name on the forehead she doesn’t love you,’” One netizen writes, quoting her. Then offering this advice to Kevin, the user continues, “dump her ASAP.”

Credit / South_agency / Getty.

Given the uncertainty of relationships, one netizen asks, “and if he breaks up with you what then?”

Stanskovsky answers: “What if we break up? I’ll just have to find myself a different Kevin.”

But one person has a better idea: “It would be better if you wrote on it that I am stupid.”

At the moment there’s been no response from Kevin.

What do you think of this woman getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed across her forehead?

There are far better ways of expressing your love, and if you insist on a grand gesture, maybe a smaller tattoo in a place it’s not so visible?

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