“Wheel of Fortune” Viewers Are Livid Over This “Zero Sense” Puzzle That Cost Contestant a Car

Wheel of Fortune often provides great fun to its viewers with clever puzzles to mull over with your family members. But the game show gets not so hilarious when there are a thousand of dollars on the line and one mistake gets too costly. This is exactly what happened to one unlucky contestant, who lost out on a grand prize, but gained Internet’s support.

Lucky streak that ended badly.

Laryn Nelson, a school principal from Atlanta, was on fire during her Wheel of Fortune run that didn’t end exactly as she expected. During the episode, Nelson seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit and racked up a total $24,250 in winnings. She gladly stepped up to complete the bonus round, which is where her troubles began.

The puzzle presented to Laryn read “_ _T_INING M_ G_ _LS”. The contestant quickly figured out the “MY GOALS” part, but was struggling to zero in on the verb. She suggested that the solution was “PITCHING MY GOALS”, but was seemingly incorrect. Once the time ran out, the answer was revealed as “OBTAINING MY GOALS”.

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Nelson was visibly frustrated with the solution and said: “Oh my goodness. Alright. Alright. That’s okay. I’m gonna do that one day though, obtaining my goals.” The host, Pat Sajak, then went on to reveal that the grand prize that Laryn could’ve taken home was a brand-new car, which made the contestant scream frustration. At least, she did win $24,250.

Fans online call out the nonsensical puzzle.

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After the show aired, many Wheel of Fortune viewers took to social media to voice their confusion over the puzzle presented to Laryn Nelson, saying that no one uses the phrase “obtaining my goals”.

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The Heart-Wrenching Reason Why Mark Ruffalo Kept His Brain Tumor a Secret From His Wife

At times, our bodies seem to sense when something isn’t quite right. Actor Mark Ruffalo shared a fascinating story during his recent talk on a podcast. He got a bad dream that turned out to be unwanted reality.

Bad news came when they were expecting their first child.

© ZUMA Press, Inc. / Alamy Stock Photo

Back in 2001, while busy filming The Last Castle, doctors discovered a harmless brain tumor behind his left ear. What’s intriguing is that Ruffalo had a strange dream before this, almost like a warning. He felt compelled to see a doctor urgently after the dream, even though he didn’t have any obvious symptoms except for a minor ear problem.

«It wasn’t like any other dream I had had. It wasn’t even a voice, it was just pure knowledge: ’You have a brain tumor, and you have to deal with it immediately,’» Rufallo shared.

Ruffalo had to make a hard decision in order to protect his wife.

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Ruffalo was hesitant to worry his wife, who was about to have their first child, so he kept the news to himself until after the birth. When he finally told her, she was understandably upset saying, «I always knew you were gonna die young!»

Ruffalo underwent surgery to remove the tumor, but it wasn’t without risks. There was a chance he could lose his hearing or have facial paralysis. Sadly, he did lose his hearing in left ear permanently.

«Take my hearing, let me keep the face, and just let me be the father of this kid,» The Incredible Hulk actor recalled thinking at the time.

© markruffalo / Instagram

Despite these challenges, Ruffalo didn’t let them hold him back. He continued his acting career and even received his fourth Academy Award nomination. Alongside his professional success, he treasures his role as a father to his three children: Keen, Bella Noche, and Odette.

Mark Ruffalo’s heartfelt tribute to his wife, Sunrise, reflects their enduring love story. Despite humble beginnings, Ruffalo’s rise to Hollywood stardom was accompanied by Sunrise’s unwavering support and companionship. She played a significant role in his life journey, standing by him through thick and thin, showcasing the strength of their bond and partnership.

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