While preparing for her husband’s birthday celebration, woman becomes the target of her mother-in-law’s ploy

We often hear stories in which mothers-in-law are depicted as evil. Sadly, they sometimes really are and the reason behind it might be that they feel like their daughters-in-law ‘steal’ their sons from them.

A woman named Janisse shared the story of how her MIL plotted against her in order to turn her husband against her.

It was Janisse’s husband’s birthday and she was looking forward to the party she was preparing for him. She planned to invite all of Carl’s friends and family and wanted everything to go according to plan.

But just as she was getting ready to start preparing the food, Carl’s mother, Sally, called her and told her she wanted to help her with the preparations.

As Janisse always got along with her husband’s family, or at least she thought so, she told her MIL that she was more than welcome to lend her a helping hand.

When Sally arrived, she did help with the food, but in the afternoon, she started acting weird. As she was digging around the fridge and sighed every few minutes, she accused Janisse of not purchasing certain ingredient she needed for some special cookies.

“I can’t find any ingredients for the cookies I wanted to make. I told you that I would make the cookies I’ve made every year for Carl,” Sally said.

“We have so many desserts and the cake as well. So, I think it’s okay. We can do it another day for him,” Janisse told her.

“Janisse,” Sally sighed. “It’s really important to me, okay? It’s a tradition I started when Carl was only three years old. Can you go out and get the ingredients?”

As there was not much time left until the guests were about to arrive, Janisse decided to go to the store, which wasn’t that far, and grab the ingredients her MIL needed.

On her way home, Janisse felt like a superhero because she knew the party would be a great one, but her joy was short lived.

The moment Janisse opened the car’s door, Carl burst out of the house like she’d committed a crime and he wanted to catch her in the act. He accused her of leaving his mother all alone to prepare everything for the party. When she explained that wasn’t the case and it wasn’t as it looked like, he told her she wasn’t telling the truth.

Janisse tried to tell him that she was the one who prepared most of the food and that she only took a short trip to the store to grab the ingredients for the traditional cookies his mom made for him, but he said there were no such cookies and that she was childish to believe that ‘cookie tradition.’

Still unaware what was going on, Janisse went to her room. She had a quick shower and shortly after the guests started to arrive.

Carl avoided Janisse all evening, and when the time came for the cake to be served it was Sally who brought it to the table and started singing “Happy Birthday.”

Sally acted as though she was host and it looked like she was the one who was throwing the party for her son, not Janisse.

When the guests left and Janisse and Carl were alone, she tried to explain what really happened and that his mom plotted against her, but he didn’t want to listen because he was certain his mom would never do such a thing.

The following morning, Carl woke Janisse up and apologized for not trusting her. Janisse was puzzled and asked him what made him change his mind about the entire situation. He then explained that his mother was bragging to someone about her master plan, but she accidentally sent the message to Carl.

Carl then went to the other room, in which his mom spent the night, and tried to talk to her in order to learn why she would do such a horrible thing. It turned out that contrary to what Janisse believed, her MIL didn’t really like her because of her political and religious beliefs. Janisse was shocked because her MIL never mentioned anything about it before.

However, no matter what Sally did, Carl and Janisse decided to forgive her eventually.

“We’re going to Bali to celebrate your birthday next year,” I told him. “No friends, no family, and absolutely no drama!” Janisse told her husband.

Lucie Arnaz is proud of her ‘15,695 days’ marriage and ‘5 kids’ – she survived famous parents’ horrible divorce

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are perhaps one of the most famous couples in television history. Their romance continued off-screen as well. Their marriage was famously tumultuous, and no one knows that better than their daughter Lucie Arnaz.

Keep reading to know more about their daughter and how her life turned out over the years.

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Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were perhaps the most beloved couple on American television at one time. Their show I Love Lucy depicted them as the Ricardos, a middle-class couple that were the ideal nuclear family.

The show had six seasons and ran from 1951 to 1957. It followed Lucille as Lucy Ricardo, a housewife who always gets into hilarious situations. While the couple seemed perfect in their on-screen depiction, in real life, their relationship was quite volatile.

The former Broadway star and the Cuban bandleader met while filming Too Many Girls. Their whirlwind six-month romance led to an elopement and marriage in November 1940.


After over a decade of their marriage, the couple became parents to daughter Lucie Arnaz, born on July 17, 1951. Two years after that, on January 19, 1953, they became parents to their second child, their son Desi Arnaz Jr.

The two children joined their parents in the family business of acting. They starred alongside their mother in the spin-off shows for I Love Lucy. Then in May 1961, after nearly two decades together, the couple filed for divorce.

It took years for Lucie Arnaz to open up about the reality of her parents’ marriage and their subsequent divorce. She revealed in a 2018 interview how “They were fighting all the time when we were growing up. There was a lot of anger and screaming.”

She lamented at her childhood where she had to deal with so many issues, she said, “Their divorce was horrible. And then there was the alcoholism. I had preferred those things had never been there. We didn’t have any abuse, but we did go through some pretty hard stuff, and that’s why my parents didn’t stay together. “

Lucille felt the split even more than perhaps her husband because she felt she had shattered the perception the American public had of her. She remarried soon after to comedian Gary Morton.

In her early twenties in 1971, Lucie Arnaz tied the knot to “The Doctors” actor Philip Vandervort Menegaux. The marriage ended in divorce five years later


But the younger Arnaz’s second try at marriage was much more lasting. She met and married actor and writer Laurence Luckinbill. Now the couple has been together for over four decades.

On June 22, 2023, Lucie celebrated her 43rd wedding anniversary with Luckinbill. She took to Instagram to remember the day many decades ago that she was last single on an apple farm in the coastal city of Kingston, New York.

Their friends and family arrived at the venue in a “big yellow school bus.” She was wearing a “lovely cream crocheted gown” as her father walked her down the aisle. She continued in her post, “…[I] vowed to love Laurence Luckinbill till death us do part. 15,695 days, 5 kids, and three grandchildren later, I am proud to still say,’‘ I do.’”

The Murder, She Wrote actress is still very much in love with her husband. She dedicated a sweet post to him on his 88th birthday late last year in November 2022. She posted a picture of him and wrote how he was “kind, talented, adorable, wise, [and] sexy.”

Luckinbill had two children from a previous marriage; Nicholas Luckinbill and Benjamin Luckinbill. And him and Lucie had three more children together; two sons and a daughter.

Their first child together Simon Thomas Luckinbill was born in December 1980, Joseph Henry Luckinbill was born on New Year’s Eve 1982, and their daughter Katharine Desirée Luckinbill was born on January 11, 1985.

Lucie Arnaz and her husband live in Palm Springs, and their family lives nearby. These days the actress wears her hair in a short pixie cut and spends her time with her beloved grandchildren.

On Grandparents Day in 2019, Arnaz joked about hitting the “jackpot” when the couple welcomed their first two grandchildren just four weeks apart from one another. Since then, they have welcomed many more grandchildren to their brood.

Lucie has been a second-generation actor. She was only 11 years old when she starred alongside her mother in The Lucy Show at 11 opposite her mother, which they then followed up with Here’s Lucy.

She also played the main character in the television movie Who Is the Black Dahlia? and also led in the short-lived comedy The Lucie Arnaz Show in 1985 as psychologist Dr. Jane Lucas.

She has played other roles in guest starring parts in shows such as, Marcus Welby, M.D., Murder, She Wrote, Fantasy Island, Law & Order, and the reboot of Will & Grace.

She has also been credited as a producer in three stories related to her parents. Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie, I Love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special, and Being the Ricardos. She also produced the 2003 documentary The Desilu Story.

In June 2023 she revealed that she will be doing an encore of her cabaret act titled I Got The Job! Songs From My Musical Past, at 54 Below in New York City. She had performed the show before the pandemic to a sold-out crowd.

While Lucie is very public about her life, her little brother Desi Arnaz Jr. is quite private about his. When Lucille Ball was pregnant with Arnaz Jr, her pregnancy was written into the show. And as fate would have it, she gave birth to him the same day the episode aired in which her character gave birth to ‘Little Ricky.’

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